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PoA - Chapter 4

The Leaky Cauldron

'" Molly, they say Sirius Black is mad, and maybe he is, but he was clever enough to escape form Azkaban, and that's supposed to be impossible. It's been three weeks and no one's seen hide nor hair of him, and I don't care what Fudge keeps telling the Daily Prophet, we're no nearer to catching Black than inventing self-spelling wands. The only thing we know for sure is what Black's after -'
'But no one's really sure that Black's after Harry - '
'We thought Azkaban was perfectly safe. If Black can break out of Azkaban, he can break into Hogwarts'" 

I've been ill all day today so I feel no guilt in having done this instead of uni work :)
also Molly and Arthur's love for Harry is a wonderful thing and sometimes I don't feel it's appreciated enough! 
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Yes!!! And oh my goodness...I just had a "Potter moment" that I didn't realize before....I read a lot about circle writing, and now I have to go grab my POA book and see if this chapters lines up with the chapter where he's overhearing the conversation at the bar. You're also the one that made me notice the moment, before I even went to the HP conference last year and listened to John Granger talk, about the lines in HBP that are opposite "you are with me" and "I am with you". 
Anyway!! Another minor rant - I love how you draw Molly and Arthur. They were dear to me in the books, and the movie folks did the characters a great disservice by making them seem bumbling and unintelligent. 
Now - a question for you as an artist when you have a moment - when you began these, how did you decide what their robes were going to look like? I know we talked about the student's robes, and those weren't even described very much by JKR (and least not that I can remember clearly). So, how did you decide, say, how long they were to be, the colors, etc.? 
I adore Harry's clothes here - very appropriate for the time period. Heck, I still wear my clothes as if I'm in the 90s :-P 
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thanks!  I was at a John Granger talk also (LeakyCon 2011) and I got his book on circle narratives - very interesting!! XD 
Umm, well adult's robes tend to differ from person to person. like Dumbledore's and McGongalls I would normally have more colourful with fancy edgings and hems (Dumbledore's usually quite heavy-looking), Snape's tend have lots of folds and are black (obviously), Lupin's always turn out a bit drab but sort of scholarly - almost like a jacket but as robes? I think for the Weasley's I decided on a more simple, plain sort of style, with less vibrant colours. also because of the setting in this picture, it makes sense to have muted tones for their clothes.  I quite like the style of robes that have no lapels and just go around neck, like Mr Weasley's - they're less fancy and much more simple and practical but I think that suits the Weasleys.  Does that answer you question? There's much more room for imagination with the adults' robes! 
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really, really great!!!! I like everything here, but Arthur is just perfect!!!
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Another wonderful picture!  I've always loved Molly and Arthur for providing the family love that Harry did not have and for being one of the canon couples whose love for each other seemed real. :heart:
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Thank you! And I know! I really do love Molly and Arthur!
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