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PoA - Chapter 15



The Quidditch Final

"'Go! Go! Go!' Harry urged his broom.  They were gaining on Malfoy...Harry flattened himself to the broom handle as Bole sent a Bludger at him...he was at Malfoy's ankles...He was level - 
    Harry threw himself forwards, taking both hands off his broom. 
   He knocked Malfoy's hand out of the way and - 

I always have fun drawing Quidditch, though the perspective on this one was hard - also my scanner mucked up the edges :S I love this chapter :D I love the days were Quidditch meant everything to Harry and winning was the best thing ever - I did nearly draw a sobbing Wood....maybe next time! XD
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I almost felt bad for Malfoy :-P  Wood crying would have definitely been a cool pic, too! 
That look of determination, and not just to win, but to beat Malfoy....yeah. 
But I dunno, the pitch is kinda a weird yellow. I suppose it had to look that color to contrast the green robe on Malfoy?