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PoA - Chapter 12

The Patronus

"Harry suddenly realised that there were tears on his face mingling with the sweat.  He bent his face low as possible, wiping them off on his robes, pretending to do up his shoelace, so that Lupin wouldn't see. 
 'You heard James?' said Lupin, in a strange voice."

I'm finally back home and unpacked! looking forward to a summer of much painting!! That's two sad ones in a row...sorry :S
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Oh my. Critically, I think this is one of the best Harry faces you've done yet. 
Lupin looks nice and shabby, too. 
Awesome. Sad, but awesome. 
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OMG this is so perfectly touching ...

never mind the sadness, it's good to see some new art by you... and again, with a pretty rarely drawn scene :) love you for this :)