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PoA - Chapter 1

Owl Post

"Exrtemely unusual though he was, at that moment Harry Potter felt just like everybody else: glad, for the first time in his life, that it was his birthday."

happy new year everyone! :)
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So excited that you're starting POA! *dances around* 
This scene gets me in the heart every time. 
I love the extremely muted tones in this one; it makes me feel as if it's morning, ya know? 
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that's really good!
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Awww that's a really nice scene, brings back so many wonderful memories. :iconawwplz:.

tartan-tardis's avatar
yay! that's lovely to hear :) 
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:aww:, pleased to hear it's lovely to hear :).

Little fun fact about me (at least I think it is fun).
The last four letters of my username stands for:
Harry Potter Films Rock, at first I wanted to do Harry Potter books and films rock but that didn't fit the username title so I changed it to films, because the films are based on the books after all.
I changed my username several months ago because I found this one suited my personality more, but I didn't want to leave my love for the Harry Potter series behind so I chose for keeping the short version of the words I had before.
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so sweet :) great atmosphere, it made me smile a lot!!
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aww, I'm glad you like it :) 
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great job! i love the birthday cards on his nightstand, great touch.
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Another great picture! I'm excited to follow this one. 
tartan-tardis's avatar
n'aww, thanks very much :) 
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It's awesome great style
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this is awesome :D 
tartan-tardis's avatar
thank you! glad you like it :)
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Really nice!  I like the rumpled sheets!
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thanks very much ;) 
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Very well drawn! Keep it up :D
Happy new year!!
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