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PS - Chapter 8

The Potions Master
"At the start of term banquet, Harry had got the idea that Professor Snape disliked him. By the end of the first potions lesson, he knew he'd been wrong. Snape didn't dislike Harry - he hated him."

I was originally going to draw this scene with Snape yelling at Harry but I thought this might be more interesting...
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I agree, this is more interesting. It's a focus that we don't normal see from this scene.
I love the boils!
The only thing that is sort of the room itself looks really small. I actually didn't picture the classroom as large as they portrayed in the movies, though.
And...I love Snape's expression of "I will not hex the students, I will not hex the students."
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Oh, i love all their expressions, and the background, and the way you really made it look like a classroom!
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Oh, poor Neville! I felt so sorry for him in the first book--Snape was so cruel to him! Ah, you remembered that it was Seamus who escorted him to the infirmary! :icongryffindorplz: