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PS - Chapter 3

The Letters from No one :D
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That's not the fireplace...
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In the book the letters come down the kitchen chimney. :)
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Is it my imagination or did you capture the jam on the newspaper? Hrm, maybe that was another part. I still giggle madly, but yet get frustrated when I read this chapter all over again.
The details in this are so cool. I love the mug tree, and the blender in which Petunia tries to blend the letters.
The only thing...I wish you'd gone a bit blonder for Vernon and Dudley. Dudley looks quite heavy, which is awesome, and I like how you did Vernon. And petunia!
Oh! I just noticed how Petunia is tipping back in horror. Sweeeeet.
You rock.
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Thank you!!! Yeah, it's marmalade on the newspaper! One of those things I found absurdly amusing as a child... Still do I guess!
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Nice XD I can't stop staring at the light above the stove. I just really like it for some reason :3 And I love all the details between the table and the countertops.
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oh that's the kitchen chimney! I actually wasn't sure what a kitchen chimney might look like - we certainly didn't have one in my house - so I googled it!
thanks once again!
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ohhhh that makes so much more sense as to why the letter is coming out of it. I had no idea, I'm not British (I so wish though). I never would have thought it looked like that XD We have lights that look similar to that above the stove around here. Well, some people do, anyway. The chimney is actually kind of neat. I did one picture in the Dursley's kitchen - there's actually a fireplace, because thats just what I always imagined, not knowing it should actually look like this.
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I really like all of the little details in Aunt Petunia's very neat kitchen!
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yeah, I kept having to remind myself it's a muggle kitchen not a wizard one! can't wait to draw the Weasley's one instead!
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