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PS - Chapter 14

Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback

or should that be Norberta! :p
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Isn't the dragon cute?
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I love Hagrid's expression
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Hee bee, thanks!
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You're welcome:-)
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Yay, Norberta! One of my favorite parts, and my favorite memories, is reading POA to my daughter and her laughing her butt off when Hermione moans, "But Hagrid! You live in a wooden hut!"
That dragon is so cute, if it wouldn't grow up to burn down my house, I'd want one too. I think most of us would, though :-P
Just a silly note - there probably should have been a bit more shell on the table; the pieces don't look as though they would have been big enough for a dragon's egg.
Their expressions are amazing.
Which reminds me...I always get so frustrated when I read the chapter when they send Nobert/a off with Charlie's they are, helping out someone 50 years older than themselves, doing something illegal for a member of the staff...well...not a teacher, but still...and Dumbledore knows nearly everything that goes on (although he has very selective knowledge)...and they still get detentions. Makes me fume every time. Granted, if it wasn't for the detention, they never would have seen Voldy in the woods... *shrug*
It's another broomshed moment ;-)
Once again, I love the way you do woodgrains, and stonework, and clothing!!
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I love proud daddy Hagrid! :D
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Poor Hagrid! I've always found it hilarious that he treats dangerous creatures like fluffy bunny rabbits or something!
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