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PS - Chapter 12

The Mirror of Erised

"It shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts."

This is another of those scenes that have become all the more poignant as I've gotten older. And re-reading with knowledge about Dumbledore from book 7, casts another layer to it: It had always been sad for Harry, whereas now, you realise how heartbreakingly sad it is for both of them! I imagine both them had some difficulty in not looking and 'dwelling on their dreams'.

I'm not very happy with the perspective in this one but I like everything else so I may attempt it again in the future.
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good angle! i love this picture so much :) 
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I love it! The look in Dumbledore's eyes is... I don't know... very intense - beautiful! And I think the angle you used is great as well.
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aw thank you very much! glad you like it! :D
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wow!! so much in Dumbledore's eyes... it's really touching
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Very cool, Harry looks eleven here, so small as he was at that age!
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It's beautiful, but it also makes me want to cry a lot. In a good way, though.
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Aw! Thank you that's good to hear (also in a good way!)
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I respectfully disagree with you!! There is only one other picture on deviantart that I've found that depicts this scene that is not from the front of the mirror perspective. Technically, this is BETTER because if they are both in front of the mirror, maybe it would show nothing? Or at least, I love it because it IS different.
I love Harry's pajamas. Makes me wonder...what do Dumbledore's pajamas look like? Or maybe he always wears them under his robes...
I love the fact that you always include D with the long hair into his belt; it's so cannon that it makes me grin.
I always wondered if JKR has a thing for socks. I should look that up. Maybe she has cold feet, like I do - but I hate socks!
Oh! And I love your stone texture as always, and those windows are gorgeous. The wood texture on the mirror is FABulous. You really have an eye for texture and for folds in clothing - but I think I've said that more than a dozen times already.
Awesome as always.
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I was happy with the angle - not being able to see the mirror. I only wanted to show their expressions rather than what they saw in the mirror. The perspective things is just the floor in relation to the walls and to H and D. It looks a bit like it's sloping or something!
I love socks! My auntie knits me these amazing multicoloured wooly socks. In live in Scotland though, you need to have your socks on! XD
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I really love their faces. Having read the book, you can see all of the emotions in Dumbledore's face, even though he says otherwise when asked what he sees in the mirror.
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Yeah, when I read it when I was younger I just thought it was funny that he said he saw himself holding socks. It was only when I was older I realised how hard it must have been for him as well as Harry!
Thanks as always for your kind comments!!
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