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PS - Chapter 1

"Mr Dursley however had a perfectly normal, owl-free morning. He yelled at five different people, made several important telephone calls and shouted a bit more."

so here is it first in my chapter challenge :) there was so much in this chapter I really wanted to draw -Dumbledore offering Minerva a sherbet lemon, Mr Dursley being hugged by a muggle, Harry and Hagrid! I settled on this scene simply because we discussed it on the HP Society radio show, about how Mr Dursley's job totally suits him, even the name - Grunnings! I love the fact that he thinks the people in cloaks must be collecting for something or are pulling a stunt or are just plain weird! even though it's Hallowe'en!!! Just goes to show how shortsighted they are and how much they fear magic!
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Yay! I love it love it love it!
There really ISN'T much art out there for this (and I have looked!) so thank you for THAT on top of everything else.
Those owls! OMG! Sketchy, but nonetheless quite cool.
This makes me inordinately happy.
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Oooh, i love it! You're probably one of the only people who drew this. I liked this chapter so much, it's so funny how mr dursley hates magic, and gets nervous just because of the slightest unusual thing!
I love the way you drew his face, and the background is awesome! :lol:
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Great scene! I love how you've drawn all of the owls (I love owls) and Vernon's furious face as he tries to ignore them! :iconyusplz:
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Oh! I have only ever seen one other picture of this scene. I like his expression. And I love that you can see the bakery across the street. Is that a crack in the window to the right? :3 did an owl fly into it?
tartan-tardis's avatar
No it's not a crack. I think it's the window of a car outside. It's a bit messy - I did it in a bit if a rush! Thanks for your nice comment :D
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Oh I meant the shop window in the back, there is a circular looking shading...darker than the rest of the shading on the window. But I guess not or you have confirmed XD. Np, it's lovely.
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