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GoF - Chapter 5

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

I love this bit so much!  It's one of those scenes that just feels really familiar when you're reading it.  man, I love the weasleys!
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This makes me happy, and sad at the same time.
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you're right, it is kinda sad :/ especially when you know what's going to them all in a few years time. 
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6 more to go! Hehe, sorry for spamming your inbox; that's what nearly a year away will do. Crookshanks is adorable. What's UP with Charlie and the gnome? Was that in the book? If it wasn't it should have been, haha. And I have to admit, I'm looking at Bill and Ginny and going "I know Bill had gorgeous long locks, but who's the other?" Seriously, it took me a full minute to think of Ginny. I am ashamed!! hehe. 
Critical time! Ron: Hermione is leaning towards him, and he's got his arm's folded and looking away; looks like he's being rude? I mean, it's just a little thing, it what otherwise is a happy sweet scene. 
Kinda want to see Percy leaning out his window, too. 
Ah, so many good scenes! 
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not at all! I love reading your comments :) 
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this is so totally awesome :) I love the warm atmosphere and there are so many little details that make me smile, like Charlie and the gnome, Hermione's socks and the way she crosses her feet, Arthur's sweet expression like he's content with listening to the little chit-chat of his tribe... this is a marvelous work :)
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thanks!! My scanner cropped out the the gnome a little bit but I'm glad you noticed!
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They are the best family! :love:
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