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CoS - Chapter 18

Dobby's Reward

'"Least I could do, Dobby," said Harry, grinning.  "Just promise never to try to save my life again."'

finished! hurrah! I had so much fun drawing out these chapter (and let me tell you there's quite a few of them that I want to again but with a different scene or a different angle or different colours!  but for now, I think I'll just stick to Prisoner of Azkaban :) 
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Awwww *sniff* - oh, wait, I don't want to sniff too hard, not with Harry's manky old sock dripping disgusting things  hehe.  May I make a suggestion tho? I do love your Dobby, especially the ears; but I think he looks a little too cared-for. I think I pictured the towel covering less; although I'm not sure about an elf's body's features, so that probably would have been hard to do. Same way with the eyes; I have no idea how you'd make bulging eyes and make it look cute versus just creepy. Huh. Dobby looks like my version of a St. Nick's elf from childhood! Anyway. As always, I love your background. Stone and wood = way cool! You really have a way with textures in your paintings. 

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that's a very good point - he should look a bit more uncared for! thanks as usual for your great comments :) 
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Very touching scene! :)
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Very good, and... DOBBY!
tartan-tardis's avatar
yay! Bobby is a wizard!  
Raiderhater1013's avatar
Very cool and very well done too!
LunarKittyThings's avatar
One of my favorite chapters in COS. Good job :)
tartan-tardis's avatar
thank you very much! XD
MoonyMina's avatar
this is truly awesome!! great rendition, especially with their expressions... their smiles are sooooooooo contagious :)

(though I might be slightly un-objective XD I always read this scene at least 4 times when reading CoS XD )
tartan-tardis's avatar
thank you! I was just re-reading it there and suddenly wished I'd drawn the bit where Dobby hugs Harry round the middle - that would have been too cute! maybe next time! thanks again! 
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hehe,... it's sometimes so difficult when one does "a drawing for each whatever" to choose between too many awesome scenes...
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