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CoS - Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Aragog.

I kinda love that the car came to save them. I wonder if Mr Weasley put some kind 'help out the fammily' spell on it, or maybe it was used to Harry and Ron and liked them enough to save them? I also enjoy the thought of the Ford Anglia roaming the forest for years to come and other Hogwarts generations spotting it!
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The car was one of the few things that the movies got almost right! I love the perspective you chose for this. I normally don't mind spiders, but Aragog and his kin and Shelob and the spiders from LOTR give me the creeps! 
I love the banged-up Anglia; this reminds me of some of the COS scenes on Pottermore. 
So, so cool. 
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so cool :)

I love this part, too :)
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Hehehe, I can hear the rumours about the monster car driving around the Hogwarts Grounds.
"Yesterday, a girl from Hufflepuff nearly got hit by it. When she ran away, it honked and slammed its hood violently!" :D
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Well Ron did say the forest turned it wild
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