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CoS - Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - The Polyjuice Potion

I love this chapter! I was rather excited to paint the Slytherin Common room since it's the only common room I hadn't done before! It would have been cool if it was in day time because I would have loved to have included The Giant Squid or some mere-people just floating past the windows :P Although it always sounded a bit dark and forbidding, I reckon their common room would be a pretty sophisticated place to hang out. But I'll stick the cosy Hufflepuff common room I think! :D
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So, so cool. I love your Christmas decorations! Your Crabbe and Goyle are more adorable than they should be lol. 
I want to hug this picture for some reason. I love the details on the chairs and all the background things. Totally, totally cool. 
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cool one!! you've done really great here, especially with the atmosphere!
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i can see ron and harry in "crabbe" and "goyle"
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I loved this part of the book too! The first glimpse of the Slytherin Common Room and I really like how you've drawn it! Yes, I see it as being sophisticated as well. I see the Ravenclaw Room as being light and airy, the Gryffindor Room as bright and warm and the Hufflepuff Room as welcoming and cheerful! :)
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Definitely! They all sound quite cool! Thanks again XD
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