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The Devil's Kettle Falls

The MOST interesting waterfall I have ever seen. The Devil's Kettle (lower left) is a waterfall that literally plunges into a hole in the rock and NEVER comes out. Geologists have done everything they could to find out where this water goes to but have been stumped thus far. There are two theories: one states that it comes out at the base of the falls or somewhat downstream, but dye testing disproved it (they put dye in caves like this sometimes to track exits and entrances to caves). No dye re-appeared downstream anywhere. The second theory states that it empties itself into the lake bottom of Lake Superior some 5 miles away through underwater caverns. No one knows yet... I hope to find out while I'm at U of M Duluth. I will have your secret Devil's Kettle!
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very beautiful! A big secret to be revelead :)
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Well, let's hope we hear about both being revealed in the future! :D
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Oh that's so cool! Thanks so much for sharing the picture and description! I love that!
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I love this waterfall! I was very lucky that the water was low so I could get a close up by crossing the river above the falls and hopping onto that ledge in the middle. I was able to look down her throat so to speak! :la:
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That's pretty awesome and kinda scary! One slip and you are gone forever...
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Not gone, just stuck until the rescue squads can get to you. It will be a rather unpleasant wait...
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Well that's comforting... somewhat. haha
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