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TarriPup's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
New Zealand


Name: Tarri
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Hair: Gold blonde
Location: That place in Oceania
Astrological Sign: Libra-Scorpio Cusp

What I draw
Comics: Because comics are awesome.
Original Content: Because I have an imagination, too!
Fan Art: Because I love things! :D
Casual Nude Art: Because the body is a beautiful, natural masterpiece and too many people disrespect that and need to be educated.

What I don't draw
Pornography: I'm trying to desexualise the human body, not make it an object of pleasure.
Weird kinks: I'm not seriously into them.
Hate Art: I only want to enlighten people and make them happy. Hate art creates hate.

Each list may or may not have more to it, but that's the basic rundown.


All prices are in US Dollars.
Commission information as at 01st December 2017:

Character Sketch: $10
Character (Clean Lined): $15
Character (Coloured with shading): $30
Character (Coloured with additional shading): $40

Additional characters: $15 each.

Additional backgrounds:
Simple Background: $10
Medium-level Background (not too simple, not too fancy): $20
Detailed Background: $30

I do not accept points.
Payment always comes first.
Also keep in mind I have other obligations which come first, but don't worry, I will get your commissions done! :D
If you have any questions, just fire a note my way!

Commission Status

New commissions are currently closed.

Current Commissions:

Commission 1: :icontaliyus:
Status: Phase 2 - Linework.

Commission Wait List:
No one is on the wait list.

Art Trade Status (Closed)

Slot 1: :iconnight-owl8:
Status: Discussion.

Requests: CLOSED

Refer to the above information. Please do not ask for requests when requests are closed.
I may only consider requests from close friends.
Anyone else asking for requests will be ignored.
Please refer to the information above, or requests will be considered an attempt to twist my arm.

Want to see me draw? Here is the most recent one I trapped in video form!

Free Visitor Maps at
Get a FREE visitor map for your site!

Just a quick update for you guys.
You probably have noticed that my responses have either slowed down in general or have been non-existent for some of you. The reasons for these are the same reasons I have not reopened commissions, yet, despite having wanted to have them running again by this time.
So for the same reasons, I will make this journal as succinct as possible.

Current Concentrated Efforts

As you guys know, I have a Patreon page. This is to help with my production of art and comics (for example, my weekly Tarri's Day comics), as time and energy is needed, and thus, funded.
The contribution so far, at least in my eyes, has been fantastic, but is still a far cry from it supporting me on a more permanent basis. So while I have been keeping up with my weekly comic strips and delivering without fail, other things have fallen a bit due to the current situation.
This might seem counter-intuitive in regards to having my commissions closed, however it's a tricky proposition when you already have time taken up by Patreon and other things that happen in life, and given my need to increase funding input from Patreon, most of my efforts have gone into working ways to gain more supporters there (hence why the comics have been coming out like clockwork, still, and the rewards also being churned out, more or less on schedule).
As of late, I've had to rethink how I approach the reward system on Patreon in order to cater for an increase in supporters. Whether I get them or not is really irrelevant at this point, since if a system isn't set up to deal with numbers, the whole thing is going to come crashing down. And I have been revising this kind of thing for months, now.
Another thing I've been failing to do is doing art for myself (not counting comics). You probably have noticed that there are strings of just comics, and then with batches of Patreon Rewards thrown in on a monthly basis. I've been trying to keep myself from drying up my enthusiasm for art by keeping myself fresh with "me art" (that is, art I want to do, rather than have to do), to keep myself motivated.

Regarding Reopening Commissions

While I am dealing with the above, I will not reopen commissions in the immediate future. Whether I reopen them next month, the month after that, or the month after that, is another story.
But I will keep you guys informed.

DA Notifications, Notes

I will at least try to reply to some comments, however I will pass over others depending on their content.
I also have noticed I currently have 21 unread notes. I can't respond to all of them at this time, but I will at least preview them and, like the comments, respond based on the content I can see in the preview.
Sorry about that, but I still have a lot to do, and even as I type this I am concerned I might not have fulfilled my obligations before the end of this month.
But I will just have to make sure I continue on and get as much done as I can. Hopefully, once my endeavours to make my presence aware on the net (and thus try to grow my base monthly pledge amount, which is currently the most important thing), I can return to returning more of the attention you guys send my way.
Just please be patient. :3
  • Listening to: Various music
  • Watching: Wellington Paranormal
  • Playing: Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy
  • Eating: Stroopie
  • Drinking: Chocomel


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OtakuXover24 Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
ZookieDragon Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Artist
Hope you had a great birthday!
TarriPup Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks!! :cuddle:
For my birthday it wasn't much of a hardcore exciting day... but then yesterday I went to the Armageddon Expo in Auckland, met Ry-Spirit (which was totally awesome), terrorised my former animation tutor from SIT, got lost in the sea of cosplayers and non-cosplayers alike, tried out the Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee demo at the Nintendo exhibit, got a signed pic and had a little chat with Michael Shanks (an actor), and spent far more money than I should have.
I think it was really time to go by the time I may have bought a sword. xD
But it was the Master Sword so that was okay, you never know when Ganon might come back.. =P

And now today I am just exhausted and have a headache so I don't think I'll be working on any comics of Patreon-related stuff...
...but I still want to draw something today, and now I feel influenced, thanks to you. :lol:
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
ZookieDragon Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Professional Artist
Sounds like it was a busy day! Glad you had fun :)
CheerBearsFan Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Have a nice birthday.
TarriPup Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
Aww do I have to? =P
I wanna be a rebel! :dummy: jk thanks xD
Nuwame Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Happy Belated Birthday, I hope you had a good one.
TarriPup Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
It was a good one, and coupled with yesterday's trip to Armageddon, it was awesome! :la:
MechaAshura20 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
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