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January 24, 2011
Who doesn't love pirates? Check out this new deviant with Bunny Buckaneers by ~Tarred-and-Feathered. The Suggester tells us: "Fabulous work! Scary pirate with cute bunny crew such a fantastic idea! Everything is very impressive, wonderful composition and details create a dreamy atmosphere! Very beautiful!"
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Suggested by Mishelangello
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Bunny Buckaneers

I worked kinda hard on this.. Pirate with his crew
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CauseThought's avatar
This is a really humorous illustration. I really like the lighting style and color choice involved in the composition. The bunny henchmen are great!
ToySoldierDesigns's avatar
loving your style, keep it up!
Tarred-and-Feathered's avatar
OMG! I just checked my deviant art to see if I got any new views and I was blown away.. I never got this response to anything I've done.. I've seen others with tons of followers but I never thought I could ever get that sort of traffic. Thank you everyone! I've got a laundry list of watchers now .. so I better not drop the ball! I promise to post something cool soon! Thank you Deviant Art for the Daily Deviation .. I didn't really even know what a Daily Deviation was!
Poul-Tisbey's avatar
Hahahaha I love it
IAmTheUnison's avatar
Let me guess. The captain's name is Captain Jack-Rabbit Sparrow. Am I close? =D

Excellent work on this piece. :thumbsup:
Tarred-and-Feathered's avatar
That's a perfect name! It fits.. and thanks!
IAmTheUnison's avatar
Hey, my pleasure. =D

I invite you to visit my profile sometime if you are at all interested. I would be honored to know what you think of my work.

Do you have dreams and wishes you wish would come true come visit my's magickal.

JJThornton's avatar
Your use of gradient shading is simply amazing.
Rapturedesigns's avatar
Love it! Great job :)
Crimson-Mane's avatar
Lovely style! The bunnies are rather adorable :heart: Congrats on the DD!
shanez1313's avatar
"Listen up, crew! Any mishaps with the cannon and ye'll end up like ol' tommy here, now I've got his foot around me neck. You hear me?"
"Y-yes sir!"
"Good! I expect me enough treasures for a feast of roasted rabbits by tomorrow at this rate!"
"...Did I just say that out loud?"
TantiCake's avatar
Lol...Great crew!:D
otakulizzykoalagirl's avatar
ninjas are better ;) but i do love those bunnies

anyway great shading and character
HolySaintDragon's avatar
Perfect vector style *-* I love it!
shahzal's avatar
Great cartoon :D

Did u make it from scratch ?
Erickiinho09's avatar
Very good !

I liiike it !!

Pls viiew my gallery and comment pls?!
catsrae's avatar
haha, very cute! they look like a truly ferocious crew! :D
MonkeyDesign-Factory's avatar
Esteryn's avatar
Vector art, wow, must have taken you ages that one ! Nice style, nice realisation, funny, cute, very nice !
ExpectRoses's avatar
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