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I Favor Fire

Another watercolor painting where I was playing with mixing salt into the paint. The gradient was also a challenge in creating this painting. The poem is by Robert Frost, and I think it suits the rest of the painting very well.

- watercolor
- table salt

Completed 2001.
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*snoops through gallery*

I love this ;A; You take commissions for things like this? (Since I highly doubt this is for sale.)
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I've still got this piece if you want to make an offer on it. It's been stored flat for 10 years. :)
Zombie-Kumos's avatar
8D yay!

I'm kinda bad with prices, but, first how big is it anyways? c: I'd hate to buy it and not have a frame
TarpanBeadworks's avatar
Zombie-Kumos's avatar
That's bigger than I though it was going to be~ 8D

Uhm... name a price range and I'll see if I can work something out. c:
TarpanBeadworks's avatar
I take it you aren't interested?
Zombie-Kumos's avatar
I don't have the money right now >w< But I'm still interested. Unless you have another buyer or something then don't wait for me.
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I'd like $45 + shipping, it would have to be shipped rolled up in a tube
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I love this poem, especially it's structure. And your "illustration" suits it very well :)
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It's a bit hard to tell what the second line says, but the i know the quote, so it's clear. I love how you've depicted it! Great job!! Love it :)
wordsrioting's avatar
The text mixes well with the gradient of the painting everywhere except the line 'some say in ice'. It's pretty hard to make that line out. Otherwise, very thoughtful piece! :clap:
TarpanBeadworks's avatar
That may be where the flash hit the paper - this is a larger piece that I had to photograph. I promise to get a better one up when my mother brings my scanner back.:)
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That's why I hardly ever post my traditional pieces, I hate what the flash does to them! No worries though, it's a great piece nonetheless :)
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this is awesome. i love your work.
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