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Crash Flash Bandikuu -Updated-

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Taro: IT'S HERE! After many hours of ACTUAL hard work!!

1: Please don't nick this game and post on sites.
2: Saving works. 'Nuff said.
3: Roo has no sounds. Also, there WILL be a scene before Roo.
There WILL also be a training stage, and cutscenes.
4: Please post all glitches found. Don't be over the top though.

Controls: A is spin, arrows move. You'll figure out the rest.
Yes, down arrow does stuff too.

Hoeloe: Expect some more stuff, like upgraded boxes, sliding animations, a cutscene before the boss, MUSIC and other stuff!

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Where does the intro's music come from?
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I've found a glitch in Peaceful Walk: You can spin Nitros from sides, but you must start out as a certain distance before doing that.
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Wow, you said I suck, that's pretty rude ya know? I'm suprised people like this game if you say that they suck.
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I don't have the power to change the game at this point D;
It's 13 years old, all the files are gone.
I regret making the game so hard, honestly.
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This is a joke by the way. Also, great game!
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DylanBrandon-444Hobbyist Artist
Are You Still Working In This?
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I lost all the files ages ago
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DylanBrandon-444Hobbyist Artist
Oh Man!, What A Bad Luck...
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DylanBrandon-444Hobbyist Artist
12 Años Han Pasado Y Aun Ninguna Nueva Actualizacion :(
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what are the cheat codes
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why you dont try to remade or try to make an full game on this? i played this game so much as a kid ind i think you would do great
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cool (i commented on 2018)
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I got 55/53 crates in the first level?
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just a quick question sorry if this is annoying, but i can't enter any levels, could be my browser?

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Kat-ZoneHobbyist General Artist
Playing this at school in the computer lab,
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WIll this ever be finished. It's never been past Ripper Roo
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If we donate for you... Will you finish this game?
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If enough people donated, I'd do a lot more than just finish it, I'd MASSIVELY UPDATE it.

But I'm not taking donations.
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The best Crash Bandicoot fanmade flash game ever, seriously. You did pretty well.
I tip my hat for you.
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HM-StudiosProfessional Digital Artist
This, is fucking awesome. :D
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TobiMau5Student Digital Artist
Goto Cheats i cant press a please fix
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i liked this game but.....
1.Everytime i died on Bonus Level the Bonus cant be accessed no more...... FFFFUUUUUUUU....
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LiamHWHobbyist Filmographer
Shame you stopped making this. Probably because it WAS nicked. Which you specifically asked for us not to do. :( oh well. Our fault.
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