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The reason why I'm even ON DevArt!
This demo features TWO awesome stages!!
(Stage 2 has no BG, but will soon)

When reporting a glitch, say EXACTLY what you were doing.
(And it would help if you said a solution too)


Crash (c) Naughty Dog
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piracy is bad mmkay? lol
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When is the full version coming out? It's been at least three years.
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u can find it on GameFudge or u can look it up on Google
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This is awesome!
TaroNuke's avatar
but it's so old and bad :/

Please play Crash Flash Bandikuu updated (also in my gallery)
TulaRules411's avatar
I will, most certainly.
bandicoot9898's avatar
he STILL has a ugly sprite model
TaroNuke's avatar
Do you know how old this is?

Do you know how much I care?
I don't

Please find something better to do. I didn't tell you to play my game.

No, I'm not updating this or continuing the project.

Go away.
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don`t get mad,the sprite is ugly,that`s all,we don`t all have to like the same art
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suck out blud
metaLinko27's avatar
sometimes crash would keep moving to the right without me controlling it, and it fixes itself randomly...
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Internet Explorer bug.
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bandicoot9898's avatar
can you make a better looking Crash sprite though? the gameplay is fine,just the sprite
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edster9's avatar
Hey, quick Flash question. When you press space, and Crash spins, how did you make it so that only when Crash is spinning, the boxes explode, and not when he just touches them?

On another note, great game, I loved Crash on the old PS One.
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Crash has a hitbox when he spins (an additional movie clip inside his spinning graphic)
There is code on the box that says if this hitbox is active, break.

A little like this: (on an enterframe within a hitbox inside the box)

//do stuff, e.g. _parent.gotoAndPlay("break")

Sorry if that sounds overly complicated to you, I'm really not in the mood right now to properly explain this stuff...
edster9's avatar
Oh, no, I know it's a hit box. I'm not that inexperienced, I just mean like, when I put the code on the box, how can I get it to react to a movieclip INSIDE the movieclip. Like, my "spin" movieclip is inside my "character" movie clip.
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They both need instanceNames, when something with an instanceName is inside another thing with an instanceName, you can reference the inner thing with _root.character.spin for example.

In one of my games, I have a hitbox inside an attack animation inside a character clip inside a character collection. The hitTest I use on objects it affects is this:

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Ohh, I didn't know you could do that. Thanks so much. :D
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i only see, 'Piracy is bad, mmkay'and then it just shows nothing... :(
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