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The big earthquake and tsunami attacked in Japan 10th March.
I'm fine. The region where I lived was not damaged. I'm getting used to small aftershocks. But I'm always worried about people in Tohoku. My friend's mother is still there.

I'm preparing for planned blackout time in Tokyo today, bye.
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Happy new year,folks!I hope you'll be a super good year.:D

Sooo sorry.But I read all!Thanks to you!!

Second,I set my profile who am a comic artist,but the truth is im not a professional artist.So why I keep my setting as a comic artist,cause I can't understand how i change it!f-k my English skill.

Third,I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan.LOVE,LOVE.
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Gears 2 Coming to Japan This Summer
Gears 2 has already dominated gamers in North America and Europe, but that just isn’t enough for Marcus and the rest of Delta Squad. Today, Microsoft announced that Gears of War 2 will launch for the first time in Japan this summer—an announcement coming hot on the heels of word that the Xbox 360 console has sold 1 million units in the territory. Great news for Gears, better news for Japanese gamers, now due for a much hotter summer than previously expected!

(Gears of War 2 official site)

Really,really,REALLY better news!!I know how many Japanese Gamers was waiting for this...yeah,I WAS!It was so hard times... *sobbing*
AAaahhh I cant wait!
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Yes!I changed my Avatar!

BTW,Watchmen have been on screen since 28,April in Japan.
It is not popular for cruel description and the complicated script,while this movie being to a cult for some movie fans.Of course,I'm the latter.:D
I hope Watchmen will be screened as much as possible for a long time...
I can't get it how to change my icon.
My read skill of english is suck.even if I read dA help or F&Q,I can't figure what writes there.:/
I see my icon snickers to me for my terrible english skill...GAWD!!I wanna improve my english...
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