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I am the writer/artist of the webcomic Bardsworth, as well as a writer of fantasy. I love drawing fairies and am constantly trying to improve my techniques. Outside of my art, I am a home brewer and I love music, movies, and books.

OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS: I am available for commissions and am open to most anything. Please see the below Google Docs for more details.

Art Commissions: drive.google.com/file/d/0B6qJU…

Book Cover Commissions: drive.google.com/file/d/0B6qJU…

Favourite Visual Artist
Jessica Galbreth, J. Scott Campbell, Glen Keane
Favourite Movies
The Crow, State and Main
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Doctor Who, Community, The Venture Brothers
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They Might Be Giants, Dream Theater, Bad Religion
Favourite Books
The Hyperion Cantos, The Belgariad, The Night Watch series
Favourite Writers
Dan Simmons, David Eddings, Sergei Lukyanenko
Favourite Games
Mario Kart, Final Fantasy VI, Simpsons Hit and Run
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Super Nintendo
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Micron pens, Wacom Intuos, Photoshop
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Beer, home brewing, coffee


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Again, sorry for the lag time for my response!

"Have you ever regretted the 4-panel page spread?"
I don't think I've ever regretted it, no.  I originally chose the format I did because I knew eventually I'd start putting together print collections and it seemed the easiest format to deal with.  Would I go with the same format if I started a new webcomic?  Probably not.  I would probably do either a full page layout or something a little more flexible, depending on the type of comic I was doing.

Were there ever moments when you thought about changing it?"
It's crossed my mind a few times, but I like the consistency of sticking with it.

Pffft, sorry, this comment is quickly becoming "let's interview Peter Tarkulich"."
No worries, I like answering questions!

So this first novelization of Bardsworth--how much of the story will it be covering?"
It covers from the beginning of the comic and goes up through the truth enchantment story line.  I was going to end it earlier than that, saving the truth enchantment for the next book, but Katie advised me to add some more story to it, so I did.

"And, not to be asking for spoilers or anything, but any idea how long the comic will continue going before it's wrapped up for good?"
Much longer than I ever intended for it to continue when I started!

"How far ahead are you in the scripting department?"
I'm never usually more than a few months out on the scripts.  However, I have all the major plot points in my head, where many of them have been since day one.

"It's also probably waaaay too early to be asking this, but any ideas what will come 
afterBardsworth? Will you work on another webcomic, or take off time to devote to purely prose writing?"
When I was younger and more optimistic, I always said I wanted to do another webcomic, possibly expanding on the world of Bardsworth or focusing on the next generation of characters.  Also toyed with the idea of doing a completely different webcomic so that I could actually do adult humor.  However, considering that I'm almost ten years in and still not even close to making a living off of Bardsworth, I can't see bringing myself to do ANOTHER webcomic.  I think the ship has sailed on most webcomic artists making a living off of their work at this point unless they have a REALLY good gimmick or something.

I think after Bardsworth I'll probably focus solely on my prose writing, especially since I've already set the ball in motion on Bardsworth being in a prose form.  I can always do other ideas in the Bardsworth universe via prose that way.

When is its "official" birthday anyway?"
November 7, 2005.  That's why I'm working so hard to get the second print collection and the novel out this year, so I can say I did that before the ten year anniversary!

And again, thank you for your kind words and encouragement!  I try to stay modest, but I definitely need to hear that stuff once in a while.  ;-)
commented on Gan Fall by
Shading is something that comes with practice and study.  I've been going over my old webcomic strips for my print version, and my shading is... nonsensical, I guess would be the word.  I have shadows where shadows don't need to be, and I'm missing shadows where they SHOULD be.  Bottom line is to just determine where the most direct light is coming from, and do your shading based on that, remembering that all things cast a shadow.
Gan Fall
Oh shoot, I'm sorry, I meant to respond to this the day you posted it, but I hadn't had any coffee at the time I read it, so I put it off and then forgot.  That's what I get for going on the internet before being fully caffeinated!

If you DO decide to get either (or both) of my books, just remember that the writing is very different than what I do for Bardsworth.  And the writing is also very different between the two books as well.  I actually had a Bardsworth reader tell me that he read the sample of "Dark City, Dark Magic" and that he wasn't going to download it because it was too dark for him.  So, to each their own!

"Hey, while I'm on the subject: which form of writing have you enjoyed more? Webcomic scripting, or prose?"
I think typically I like writing prose more than writing for my webcomic, because I can be more detailed.  With the webcomic writing, it's essentially like writing a movie script - all the details will be worked out in the visual execution.  But I love painting pictures with words, so I'll always gravitate to prose writing.

what do your comic scripts look like?
Do you have more of a minimalist approach, do you just work with page thumbnails?"
My current process is to just write stream of consciousness in line with story/scene.  Then I go back and pare it off into four panel chunks.  I typically end up cutting a lot of dialogue or changing/adding punchlines at the last minute.  Which is why I've been enjoying writing the Bardsworth novel; it's basically Bardsworth uncut!

Wow, thank you for the kind words!  It's always very humbling and gratifying to hear that I've been an inspiration to someone, considering that I also owe a lot of people credit for their inspiration.  Sometimes doing the comic drives me crazy, so when I hear about the enjoyment people get from it, it motivates me to keep going.  When I hear something like you said, it makes me want to do even more.  :-)
"annnnnd I'm a sucker for anything with a hardboiled edge."
Would this be a good time to suggest one of my own books?