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Who was that?

This little comic is dedicated to !!!
For being an AWSOME friend, and having the best of best conversations with me! :glomp:

This was inspired by the 3rd movie. When Papa-sama appears at the end I figured he would have taken the time out to do what parents do best- lecture their child for whatever misbehavior.
And I also wondered- dude… did you not NOTICE the little girl that turned him into a giant marshmallow? How would he react to THAT?! ;)
So low and behold, Papa-sama getting his first glimpse of Rin. She defiantly left and impression that’s for sure! ;)

As for the sketchiness quality of the comic- I wanted to leave it that way. I like trying different styles, and this unrefined quality seemed to heighten the comic quality of the situation, so I went with it! ^w^
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So.. you were saying, father?

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Omg the look  on intaisho face priceless lololololololol 😁💘
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Too funny. I need to go watch the 3rd movie again. It's been ages, but a good thing never goes out of style. 
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Rin, where did you come from?
laughing Rin is so cute
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I would kill for a part two to this!
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She slipped and he caught her right? Cause he is using his right hand and has her by her left foot. Cute.
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I think he yanked her off his shoulder and is hiding her behind his back. XD Although that sheepish smile on him is adorable! And Inupapa is hilarious!
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this is hilarious. 
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That's so cute!
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I can't stop laughing
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OMG, he grabbed her foot and hides her behind his back..... I am dead, thank you. :)
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I love this one. That is so adorable. :D
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you have no idea how much this made me crack up XD
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Oh, until now i know this short comic belong to u :D thanks for drew it. Very funny and it takes a lot to impress me since i saw it in the first place ^^ when i search SessxRin comic. 
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i like so much
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