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Wanted: Otterly Ridiculous

Meanwhile in Canada;…

A wild Otter started eating up the very expensive (and locally precious) Koi from a Chinatown pond here in Vancouver. Authorities couldn't catch her/him, and all he traps were raided but not activated.
After 11 deaths (from 14 fish), the Otter vanished.
With the most memorable fish- Madonna- a 50 year old Koi being among the deceased. 

It was the most expensive Dine-and-Dash Canada will ever see.

The hashtags #TeamOtter and #TeamKoi were circulating on twitter for those showing support for their "team".

I admit to being TeamOtter, but very sympathetic to the Koi situation as well.
Mom wants the Otter to be her spirit animal.
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Otters are just damn cool animals :)
Can't blame him for wanting to have some deluxe meals once in a lifetime ;)

Love your realization of the "Wanted" poster, Bernice!

Cheers from Germany,
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Those Koi died in the cutest way possible.
tarkheki's avatar
LOL that's true!
comixqueen's avatar
Ahaha this is great! (Not the whole situation, poor koi! ;o; )
tarkheki's avatar
Well, in the least it was entertaining. Gotta love those crafty otters!
alberteje66's avatar
He otter watch his back, as the patrols are out in earnest! Awesome wanted poster :D
tarkheki's avatar
Otterly awesome pun! :heart:
BlackOliveCreates's avatar
I otter fave this, it’s so hilarious! He better be otterly hungry for more koi!
tarkheki's avatar
All these Otter puns are otterly ridiculous! XD
BlackOliveCreates's avatar
Yeah, they otter be hilarious! That was cute, by the way!
DustiiBunnii's avatar
Omg poor koi. And the Otter is like yum, that was a feast!
tarkheki's avatar
Most expensive Sushi ever!
Fad-Artwork's avatar
Wow, he 'otter' watch his back - authorities are sure to be onto him now! I think he's cute myself, but I'm sympathetic towards the Koi too. Those poor fish! 
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Circle of life.
However, the authorities are giving up on finding the noodle, so we are just better equipped to secure the pond moving forward. Last 3 survivors are at the Vancouver Aquarium! XD
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Must I post more otter puns?  Yes, I must-elid!  ^v^
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