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Underworld Valentines



These were floating around in my head for a LONG time.
Finally, with Valentine's day upon us, I decided to sit down and draw them out- but life got in the way and I didn't get them done in time.
:star:BUT I DID NOW!:star:

Probably my favorite Romance Movie story/trilogy ever- Underworld.
I don't care about how many people criticized the film, didn't think the werewolves "looked good" or whatever- these movies were VERY intelligent, demanded that the audience know some European History (specifically the Eastern European) as well as Greek mythology, and had so many well put together symbolic scenes that it was the kind of movie that made me yearn to do something like it.
It was also the first time where the female heroine was ACTUALLY a heroine- not the kind of “hero” who is the main character but still cares about her shoes and pretty in pink sparkles. Selene acts and thinks like a mercenary woman- and even her romance with Michael isn’t over-done in the “girly” sense. By far, the first movie in my LIFE that I could relate to the female heroine in it.
This also was the first time in the 28 years history of my life I actually acquired a FEMALE role model- because she is WORTHY of that title.

So onto Valentine’s day- a holiday I am fond of. Regardless that people spout that it’s commercial- and maybe it is- I’d rather have a commercial holiday that makes you LOVE your family and friends than hate them. Heaven forbid someone asks you to be nice and thoughtful to another human being for the day- oh the horror worth criticizing and venomously attacking [/sarcasm].
But also my idea of “Romance” isn’t in the “pretty and pink Girly” kind… so imagine the merge of my cute and cuddly with my love for werewolves, beasts, and warring arts? Well, you get these.

I was going to do a 7th one because my sister was offended at the one with Lucian and Sojna (she’s a fan)… but I just couldn’t think up of another one. This set worked in a 6 pack. So there it is. I’ll do something for her to make it up to her. :)

My favs are the ones with Michael and Selene. :heart:
But Bill Nighy was so much fun to caricature (and I do love Viktor too)! XD
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