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Theater Portfolio V

By tarkheki
I recently applied for a Theater Design Position at a local Theater Company that deals specifically with Aboriginal contents. While they are not looking to hire now, I decided to try my luck anyhow. :)

The Portfolio is called “Evolution” and deals with the transformation of the Oral traditions into Contemporary Theater- passing via the written word [script] and Visual Arts (Costume, Set, Etc).

Seen here, the Fifth set of concepts- staging.
This is the second page of staging I dedicate to in my portfolio. The concept here was to relate different time/atmospheric/emotional settings with minimal use/changing of the current one. A color change and little to no props, and the entire setting would relate a different scene in the story.

Someone told me that these would look good as a postcard set. Would they?

This is theoretically the last concept page in my portfolio- the rest were examples of crafts (that can me seen in my craft account :icongishkishenh:) or design work that have been posted, or not of interest to the general public. :)

Hope you all enjoyed!
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These are beautiful! And whoever told you that is very right, these would make a lovely postcard set too!
tarkheki's avatar
I will really think about that then! :heart:
ilykmuffins's avatar
That's so cool! The lighting and small prop changes really do make all the difference. They really fit those scenes well. Great work! :D
Animatora's avatar
DAMN thats good!
Cheesegoddess's avatar
I love theater and your designs are LOOOOOOVE. And that part must be yelled because it's true. And aweseome. I always found trying to figure out how to make costumes to be a rather large passion for me. If anyway ever takes yoru designs and makes a play off them I would love to see photos.
tarkheki's avatar
I hope to heaven they will. I hope to be able to work in a theater position. So far, no call back. I can understand it's also due to the holidays- so sometime this week I might give them a ring. Designing ANYTHING within a context is fun, but when you slap the aboriginal context- you have one of my passions! :)
rwparker's avatar
Superb! (Of course... :-) )You also may have a career waiting for you as a gobo designer... you should DEFINITELY look into that!
tarkheki's avatar
Well, it IS an option- but I dunno if that's where my life's passion is pulling me to. Still, I will look into it if I am desperately looking for employment. XD
rwparker's avatar
Oh, I wouldn't take it up as a "career," you've got far more important things to do; but it might be useful to add it to your quiver of design tools. At least one of the theater designs you posted looked like it would take as kindly to "gobofication" as to other techniques (like painting), and as an inveterate gobo user myself, there ain't nothing like The Perfect Gobo.

One church I worked at had some gobos designed by one of the parish priests (one whale of an artist, in his non-ecclesiastical life) and they added immeasurably to the sanctuary "look."

A theatrical designer who could design that sort of lighting accessory (and who knew where to go to get them created) as part of her set designs would certainly be someone who merited serious notice. And hey, in this economy, fortune favors the impressive.
tarkheki's avatar
Well, I'm hoping I was impressive enough. Sometimes, it seems more like the fact that we artisans come a dime a dozen- so standing out is a hard thing to do! But your words are always kind and inspiring- and reassuring! I cannot thank you enough! :heart:
rwparker's avatar
ME, I think you're already quite impressive. But obtaining extra chunks of "impressive" is a strategy that rarely backfires.

Besides, does anyone who uses gobos NEVER think while thumbing through the catalog, "Gee, if I could only get something a *little* different..." It's one of those "if you can do this, you'll always have friends" skills.

Have a good new year!
tarkheki's avatar
I have a few of those "I will always have friend's skills" then. XD
But I'm glad I'll always have you as a fried too! Have a great New Year! :heart:
Hazmanian-Devil's avatar
Lovely colours! I love how the light is shining down in [Aztec:Jungle] :D
ArdanBlade's avatar
Quite inventive! You've really thought about how to create an environment that passes the feel of the event.
Delillah's avatar
Colours fit the moods perfectly :).
tarkheki's avatar
ChickChicky's avatar
Oooo that is really good use of differnet colours, my favourite is the dance one and these would look great as postcards I gotta admit X3
tarkheki's avatar
Well, if people show more interest, I'll make a set for sale. Right now, I think you are the only one! :heart:
NekoHimeAnny's avatar
really good use of the colours! :O
tarkheki's avatar
Thank you! I was aiming for that! :)
NekoHimeAnny's avatar
hehe i think you succeeded ;)
JinxWolf's avatar
You are amazing. I envy you greatly for your artistic skill.
tarkheki's avatar
Thank you so much, but please don't envy! You are just as talented and beautiful! :heart:
JinxWolf's avatar
Pfft i cant draw for crud. I can possibly write, but drawing? nah... maybe if i got a program on my computer to touch my stuff up maybe..
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