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Theater Portfolio IV

By tarkheki
I recently applied for a Theater Design Position at a local Theater Company that deals specifically with Aboriginal contents. While they are not looking to hire now, I decided to try my luck anyhow. :)

The Portfolio is called “Evolution” and deals with the transformation of the Oral traditions into Contemporary Theater- passing via the written word [script] and Visual Arts (Costume, Set, Etc).

Seen here, the Fourth set of concepts- staging.

I dedicated two pages of the portfolio to staging- simple backdrops of various ethnic themes that would bring out the cultural concepts of said cultures. I worked primarily with symbols and design styles- with dominant color schemes. :heart:
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Oh wow. I love the colors you used. And there are such distinctions between them all (well, duh, obviously), but they're made really well. Amazing. :)
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Thank you!
Distinctions have to be far more noticeable in a theater environment- every little thing conveys the atmospheric moment, and it has to be clear and concise! :heart:
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With every one of these I see, more inspiration flashes through my mind. You've done a wonderful job, and I pray the best for you on your endeavors!
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Thank you so much! I'm glad I can inspire as well! :heart:
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Damn! Pretty sweet backdrops! The colours are simply amazing! :worship:
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I like this drawing much, especially the second and the fourth pic! :3
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Awesome! I hope that they do hire you when they have an opening. :D
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I have to say is this friggin awesome! They would be nuts not to love this. Wow! Not only are the designs beautiful... the colors! Hats off! Bravo!
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Thank you! I really appreciate the kind words... I'm hoping to contact them after the holiday season and maybe get a positive verdict.... ;)
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No problem. Happy Holidays.
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how do you come up with this stuff X3 it's awesome!
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Lots and LOTS of inspiration... usually obtained with the learning of new ethnicity or any little tidbit of knowledge. Somehow, I translate information into colors and images. Depending on the variables, a parabolic function can be so monochromatic, or like a kaleidoscope! :)
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wow that's an awesome way to come up with stuff X3
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Your overall work is complete and well-detailed. I love your costumes in particular.
I wish you good luck for your application ;p
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Thank you so much!
However, in aboriginal communities, you never call and outfit a "costume". it's considered an insult. :heart:
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Oh!! I'm deeply sorry. Since you said it was for a theatre, it was just a misunderstanding, I didn't mean it ^.^;
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Yah, no prob, wasn't angry, just clearing that up. :) :heart:
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Wow.. You are talented. :clap:
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You flatter me.. I'm red in the face! :hug:
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