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The Contents of a Bear

It's been a while, but I finally finished another comic for our favorite duo of fluff!

Æs' consistency is between Jello and Turkish Delight. Which make a great bean-bag chair or firm waterbed for Gudrun. 
I'd be bouncing on him too.
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I absolutely adore these comics, their expressions, and every little ounce of these two! Thank you for gracing us with more of their interactions! <3
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No prob. I want to do more for sure. it's all about time. keep saying that... time time time. XD
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Cuuute! Love this character.  Panel 2 has such great movement!
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Thank you! I was going for a strong "sproing" feeling. XD
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"Hair and grump."
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LOL, everyone's stuffing is unique! ;P
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Awww, it's so wonderful to see the duo of fluff again! I bet Æs would be a giant fluffy pillow to lean back against; Gudrun's sure getting a kick out of using him as such LOL. 
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I think we all would. Like a giant teddybear he is. I'm sure Gudurn possesses her own ability to be bean-bag like... but with Æs, it's all about the size. XD
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Omg this is so cute😍
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Hahahaha kinda like this one Hahaha love his reply!
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Æsben does have a way of being very clear and concise in his responses. :)
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Awwww, lovey-dovey Beah Eyes.
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Big and gooey and unbearable. ;)
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Great to see them again! Love the energy in the second panel :)
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Thank you!
I had fun with poses. Wanted something to work the anatomy. <3
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XD I love these two~!
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He must be made of love.  He puts up with quite a bit from the little guy.
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