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The Bears of Malta

Commission for Client
Client wanted to revive a concept we had discussed a while ago about Tiny Maltaian Beahs that actually are prehistorically accurate to Malta. I wanted to take a stab at the image, and really press the size issue- and what better way than a dynamic perspective and lighting to relate the swarming populace of a culture of Tiny Beahs?
Malta has a rich history behind it, including civilizations that not much is known about... so I'd like to believe it was cultivated by said Tiny Beahs. And who better than Dai (The Client) himself to come stumbling upon them?

Mama Beah is the only one with and apron because mom's have a way of being fashion forward even when the kids are running in the nude.
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Great lighting here!
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Thank you! Really trying to push the cast shadows in the FG. It was fun. :)
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Aw this is so cute! I love how the bears are just curious about the strange coming into their turf. Now I'm a believer--Malta was cultivated by these darling bears. XD
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If I've made you a believer, then I've done my job. :)
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Da Bears!

And here I though the Maltese only did falcons.  Tiny bears really would be like hobbits.  Eating all the time and living in holes in the ground.  This is just too adorable.  Great work, as always.  ^v^
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Oh man, ground dwelling bears. ugh, I cannot, the thought alone is amazing. XD
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