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Spirit of the Hunt

By tarkheki
One of many images created for the Round Dance, hosted by the NCC on Feb 27.

This image is reflective of the spirit of my driving force, and the bond of nature that keep us together. The necessity to hunt and provide is not only one that keeps a family together, but it also turns strangers into relations. We depend on one another, we seek comfort in one another, and it's those bonds of love that make us who we are. So many people are so bent on exclusivity and segregation- which only leads to hate and deliberate ignorance.

Listen to the voices of our ancestors- the reason why we are here; becuase if they didn't depend on each other, and care for one another, they would not have been able to exist. It's time we opened our eyes and realized this for ourselves, before we go destroy one another in attempt to prove how much better "we" are.

What keeps us together isn't the knowledge that we are better. It isn't the fear that "they" are coming to get us. It's the reality that we all- irregardless of our heritage and ancestry- have to learn and want to survive. And that is good enough to unite every individual in every species on this planet.

Medium: Gouache and acrylic on illustration board.
Prints: $10
Original: $150
Size: 9.5 " by 5.25 "
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© 2010 - 2021 tarkheki
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Really do love your work! I may inquire about a design for a possible tattoo piece!
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Thank you for your inquiry, however I recently posted that I will no longer be taking commission on this style. :)

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Beautiful! Gouache is so hard to use.
I'm Tiffany's friend, by the way xD
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This is such a beautiful piece of art! Great work!
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Thank you! It was just as much fun to paint. :)
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oew that looks cool!
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this is beautiful... Think I might just have to purchase a print of this :nod:
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You know, when I first saw the thumbnail in the inbox, for a second there I thought your watermarks was part of the texture, lol. Still, pretty neat how it blends together. I think I may try that since people like taking liberties with my work.
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OH god that has GOT to suck! Yah, I've become more extreme with my watermarks due to a lot of lifting and mostly- becuase people think they can get the images "free" and not have to pay. Which is a ind of sabotage to my career, so yah. It's a good thing to do.
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Damn, that's a lot worse for you since you're making a living off of your art....Oh the things I would do to people...

I think I will borrow your watermarking technique, especially on my more personal projects and fan art. I know some people don't like seeing watermarks and will bitch about it, but screw them, don't let anyone discourage you from using them.
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Thank you for your support! And yah.. I have had people say some WILD things in attempt to get an unwatermarked or "free preview"... do I look like I was born yesterday? XD
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Your welcome. All you art is lovely :D
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i would say that this is my new favorite of your work because it flows perfectly and the use of the contrasting images, wonderful work.

do you think you have enough watermarks ?
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I don't think so. I wanted something flashy and animated... like neon light son a billboard... but alas, couldn't do that on the com. ;)

I'm sure you might like the next one a bit better... considering the content will be closer to a personal fav of yours. ;)
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that is simply beautiful! New wallpaper!! or background. never sure what to call it... but you get the idea im sure lol
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This is gorgeous. So alive. Love it!
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Thank you! :heart:
The kind of energy I want in my images can really be seen in this one by the looks of it. I'm glad it came out so well! :)
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This one really caught my eye. I love the flow of it.
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Thank you! I was working the waves when I did it... running in the snow really makes you feel like you are on a boat, but not in the water! XD
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