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Shadow of a Trickster

By tarkheki
One of many images made for the Round Dance at the NCC on Feb 27, 2010.

When you look at something for what it is- you are only looking at a fraction of it. Reason, symbolism, and intent remain by the far the most important driving force behind why a person does what they do. Like a shadow that is cast behind them after they move- it's the remain of what was done.
Similar so is our spirit- that drives us to do what we do.

Here, Raven's spirit becomes obvious in the sunset's light- the trickster revealed in a world of cast shadows- where the actions have giving away to reveal the intent- the spirit of someone's actions.

If all that is left are those shadows- let us hope that we can leave behind the reminiscences of good actions, and not the bad- the way Raven left behind the light.
May we leave behind wet-lands and rain forests, good natured people and peace; not the catastrophes of war, and not the the sentiments of extremist ideals and fundamentals that have left the word in anger and hate.

Medium: Gouache and Acrylic on illustration board
Size: 9.5 " by 5.25 "
Prints: Available for $10
Original: $150
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© 2010 - 2021 tarkheki
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Aztecatl13's avatar
Is it Haida inspired? Tlingit inspired?
Karasu-no-Yami's avatar
Ah, so beautiful. I love the silhouette of Raven against the coloured sky :)

*Sits and stares*
tarkheki's avatar
Glad you like! :heart:
Trickster-Art's avatar
yea raven :) after your last message i was honestly thinking whats this next art going to be another raven steals the sun... so i was happy to see this guy
tarkheki's avatar
Oh I know what you mean. I just finished up on another commission with the same concept. I don't think anyone knows any other story in all honesty! XD
DFNoble's avatar
Serene and wary.
egyptiancatgoddess's avatar
AngryGulo's avatar
Beautiful picture and a wonderful metaphor of shadows in your description. I never thought of it that way before, heh. Love learning something new through art. :boogie:
tarkheki's avatar
The ONLY way I can learn stuff. Theoretical don't work with me.... practical application only! XD
JinxWolf's avatar
Wow look at all those colors! thats just... wow. lol Amazing details.The words going across it are amazing to! i bet that took some time. XD
tarkheki's avatar
I have to admit that the wash in the BG isn't what took up most of the time- that just takes a lot of planning but the actual window of time to make it is short. The bigger elaborate shadows were the harder part- very fine detail on something not that big! XD
JinxWolf's avatar
Still amazing. Love all your work, always makes my day.
tarkheki's avatar
I'm glad it does! :heart:
karenjade's avatar
:) As always, I am truly awed by your Northwestern artwork! I can only imagine the care and patiance this style of art must take!
tarkheki's avatar
Oh it does demand a lot! Especially when you are working on a smaller face or details- smaller brushes and a lot of straining eyes! XD
ribbeh's avatar
Hear hear. Or, as a raven might say, "crrruuuk". (I don't know how to spell it, sorry.)

I need to listen more to Raven. It would do me good. And maybe buy a print. (I would consider the original, but I don't think Raven would appreciate being stuck in my room all the time.)
tarkheki's avatar
ha ha.. well right now the original is stuck in MY basement portfolios. SO who knows- being hung on a wall would be a nice change for him! He would get to SEE the light! XD
ribbeh's avatar
Reminds me, I need to pull up my blinds during the daytime. But then everyone would see into my room! D: Oh man, my room.. I need to stop looking around at it.

You have a good point. However, I'm sure there are much brighter places than my room. :) Besides, I just bought my Raven bowl. XD
tarkheki's avatar
Well, until we find those brighter places- in the basement portfolio he stays! XD
ribbeh's avatar
Awr. Maybe get him a lamp? Or a crystal! Or something shiny to play with.
merimask's avatar
I'm loving this series from you. It makes me want to make a mask based on Northwestern art.
tarkheki's avatar
As much as I love being inspirational- and especially seeing YOUR work (like holy COW do I follow loyally)- I would advise you base it LOOSELY off the style, as their masks and mask-content are very rigid in the rules or cultural appropriation, and lots of taboo is broken if you don't know what you are doing! I have had to destroy many of my carved masks in the past when training in the style... so painful. >.<
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