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Raven Steals the Sun II

By tarkheki
Commission for a client.

Many folks want to get Raven Stealing the Sun tattooed on them. I guess it's becuase it's the most well-known [perpetuated] myth from the North West Pacific.

Either way, I find myself having to redraw the same concept over and over so that each time it remains unique to every client. And yet, every time I am asked, I envision another image- so it's not hard at all. :)

Once again, the image is sole property of the owner and myself. Do not use, redistribute, or take this property- it is not yours.
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© 2010 - 2021 tarkheki
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Your designs all have such grace and dimension. It feels like they come alive out of the page (screen in this case.) Incredible work :clap:
tarkheki's avatar
Thank you!! I am so humbled- it's a lot of investment to get them that way.. so I'm tickled when it's noticed! :)
sacredwolf000's avatar
i love this one!!!:o (Eek) 
Harmonikah's avatar
I love how 3D this looks!
verybluebird's avatar
Incredible work! I love how you make 2-D shapes into a 3-D looking creature. Raven is truly glorified here. My favourite parts are his legs and his head!
tarkheki's avatar
Thank you! I am not the first to pursue the concept of making a more 3d figure- but it is certainly something novel in the eyes of many. I'm glad people are liking it!
LineBendergirl's avatar
beautiful :]

this was one of our sons
favourite stories as a child.

he so loved it when raven
threw the ball of light back
into the sky and it stayed
darkmane's avatar
Beautiful design and style, amazing work as always!
Karasu-no-Yami's avatar
Beautiful design! :heart:
tarkheki's avatar
Karasu-no-Yami's avatar
pocu's avatar
I remember the first time I read that book as a child. :aww: The art work was lovely and yours is just as good. :clap:
Hazmanian-Devil's avatar
Whoah! That looks so awesome!
itosugi's avatar
Your unique take on the ancient aboriginal style of the pacific Northwest is amazing...the creatures seem so alive...
tarkheki's avatar
Thank you!
However, I don't think it's "unique" as I am not the first or only person to come up with this kind of "3d" rendition. Richard Shorty and Roger Grey have done this long before I have! :giggle:
Thank you for your compliment! I strive to make them look alive! :)
AmiInu's avatar
I remember that story from when i was little. ^^ It was my favorite out of all the stories I heard when I lived in Alaska.
Storyweaver1's avatar
So Raven doesn't usually have a face on his chest? I was thinking it was some kind of metaphor......well it looks cool anyways
phoenixphyre's avatar
I love your art style, and this is based off one of my favorite legends!
tarkheki's avatar
This is not "my" art style, but the North West Pacific Indigenous styles of art. I merely learned the ways of it. :)
phoenixphyre's avatar
Well, yeah, I meant "your" as in the style you use. I haven't seen a lot of deviants who draw the same way.
Allison-beriyani's avatar
AH! this is probably one of my favorite myths ever! thanks for the lovely picture!
Your-Undoing's avatar
God, this is amazing. I love how incredibly 3-dimensional it looks, even though the colors are completely flat. Gorgeous job, the recipient is a lucky guy x]
tarkheki's avatar
Thank you!
Yes, he was thrilled as well. Another client 100% satisfied! :)
liliesformary's avatar
God, I LOVE your Native American totem drawings...Just superb graphic pieces that use shapes so intelligently. Well done.

PS: It's a shame you have to watermark them :(
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