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NWP Wolverine

By tarkheki
Commissions for client- a tattoo design of a Wolverine.
They specified the pose and facial feature down to the T.

it's funny becuase my wolverine tattoo and my wolf tattoo are SO different form the ones I did/do for other people. And that brings me a sense of peace- knowing that each image I DO produce is unique unto it's own.

I'll be having a set of postcards soon that will feature aboriginal design/themed work of various animals for sale. Each set will have 5 cards, and there will be a few sets. The Wolverine will appear in those sets, but it will be different from this one for sure! :)

Once again, this image is the sole property of myself and the client commission it. I give NO ONE the permission to reuse it. And if you do use it - don't you worry, you picked one WRONG beast to cross. I wont' lie, I might never know- but the karma surrounding these images and cultures work far better than any one person could! XD
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Just wondering, what does your tattoo look like?
Sorry, I should add you can reach me at
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Respond sent. thank you for contacting me. My email will come through from the address "tarkheki" so it might end up in your spam.

Hi Bernice,

I'm part of a small Oil and Gas venture called "QuickHatch Resources Ltd." and we were wondering if you would consider letting us use your native art Wolverine image.... We are shoe-string but I'm sure we could manage a small donation.  It would striictly be used for our business cards and letterhead, and one appearance on our website splashpage with a kudo's to you.  Interested?
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Love the face that makes up the body. Great work.
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Work like this is inspiring, I agree with *darkmane
I feel inspired
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Thank you! I really appreciate that! :heart:
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Inspiring design, I don't think people realize how hard it is to come up with original works like this. I hope people start being more honorable and respectful again! You should have your own book series, seriously.
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Thank you! I am in the process of making a book- but it's not based on anything aboriginal actually. it's more anatomy heavy... hope to get it done by this year sometime! :heart:

Thank you for the appreciation of the complexity of the work. It's true, many think I can just doodle something out without a problem, but it take s A LOT of trial and error to get it right!
Thank you again for your great comments! :heart:
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You work hard and it shows. I think alot of artists do take your hard work for granted and just see the finished piece without knowing everything you went through. Well you know I will buy your book, you have a true supporting artist here. I also hope to see your "Wild North" in theaters one day!
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LOL! Well, there will be a few other ideas to come out first methinks.. I let ideas develop on their own.. and there have been some that want to "grow up" first! XD

It is true- every time I look at another artist's piece, the first thing that crosses my mind was "What inspired you to do this? Why? From where did this come? What were your thoughts in the exact moments?" I am just so CURIOUS to know!
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Beautiful! That's gonna be one KickAss Tattoo! :D
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Oh wow that's beautiful, you can really see it as a living being! lol One day when I get money I'll have to commission something from you.
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I'll be here for sure! :heart:
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I adore this Gulo!

Absolutely love how you pulled off the tail, stiff and stylized but still giving the hint of fluffiness.

Well done.
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Thank you!
It's hard *not* to get it right for all the time I've spent wearing it's pelt! :giggle:
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wow. Just wow.
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This looks really lovely. :) I like the colors and pose.
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i love this so much =D and i am still going to draw a coast salish one for you

anyways for tattoos you need to remember that over time the ink expands, especially black so my tattoo artist would not want to touch those eyes the way they are.
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You know, I really have to thank you for that insight- no one has ever told me that problem, and it's something I need to keep in mind when doing future commissions. I think I might have a variance for it. :)

However, the tattoo that the person ordered has a variance on the eyes- as I preferred the traditional white on black, but they wanted a green pupil.

Woots! Can't wait to see your coast salish wolverine! I am putting some finishing touches on my postcard version. I'm making headway!
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so bold and beautiful :heart:
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Your icon is SQUEE!!! :kiss:
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