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Lokeson Family

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As you all know by now, I have a fascination with culture. Especially those foreign to my own, and VERY much so those that are ancient in origin.

For some time now I have been learning via a University setting, private tutoring of a Professor, people, and convoys about Scandinavian culture. It came as a "cultural exchange" when the head-of-my-studies wanted to engage the local Aboriginal communities about theirs. Being married to a women of Saami origin, he found the need to learn the local Aboriginal cultures [and takes great interest in them from a personal stand].

Anyways, long winding story short, the local Scandinavian Cultural Center has been hosting me for lessons, and specific key members asked me to attend a Cultural Festival in Dec that represents their history, culture, and Oral Traditions. In this event, we can sell products of Contemporary and Traditional origin [lots of Dala horses ahoy!], and it's an honor to be included amongst people who feel you have the foundations to accompany them on representation. Like with the aboriginal communities, I take this responsibility VERY seriously.

About the image:
Loke and Angrboða book-end their 3 lovely children; Hel, Fenrir, and Jörmungander. Gold on an earthy Forest Green, the family of Jötunn celebrate their existence in a playful dance-of-jötunn. Under, the phrase "Jötnar" is written in Old Furthark.
From left to right: Loke, Hel, Fenrir, Jormungander, Angrdoða.
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Really nice design! Might I ask what animal Loki is suppouse to resemble? I've read quite alot about norse mythology, being Swedish myself, jet has never encountred it.
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This is lovely!! as always your lines are so crisp and fluid :D
I saw the title and thought "is this Thor related?" I keep seeing fanart of Loki from the recent movie everywhere, which probably oversimplified everything. Is it the same Loki? *knows absolutely nothing about Norse mythology*

I read that Scandinavian countries are some of the most egalitarian countries too...this made me happy to hear and want to pack my bags :)
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No, I would say mine is "Loke", the one from the Norse Myth and Oral Traditions. NOTHING to do with that horrible movie by a long shot.

Yah, I'm making plans to move to Denmark for a year. I'll tell you how it is! :)
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Haha yea didn't think so :XD:

WHAT! that is awesome. I can't wait to hear about it. Do you plan to move soon?
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Hopefully by Next Sept. HOPEFULLY. XD
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Hee, my inner geek exploded with glee at this one - been reading lots about European early history and the Norse Pantheon (as they are part of my national and historical heritage) and can even kinda 'read' Futhark, so I revelled in this minefield of inspiration ^__^

Beautiful work of art, as always, with smooth lines and pretty proportions. Your designs look clear and your style is recnognizable, no matter which cultural background you are moving in.

I hope you are going to enjoy attending the imminent gathering and will receive many sources of inspiration from it.
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They're totally grooving to Nightwish. I can tell.
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"you put your left foot in, you take your left foot out, you put your left foot in, and kick a certain Aesir in the mouth...."
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It's all fun and games until someone looses and eye... and then OOOODDDIIIINNNNNN!
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I love Scandinavian art, this looks awesome (: I'd really like to learn about it sometime.
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Local universities have great courses about Ancient Nordic and contemporary Scandinavian cultures! Just check'em out! Also, see if you have a cultural facility in your local are geared to the scandinavian populations- they are very welcoming!
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Very neat that you can identify recurring elements in artistic style to flavor your art. Is your study of Scandinavian culture a career choice, or just a personal interest?
I’ve recently started studying the culture and mythology of tribes in the northern states and Canada (especially the Ojibwa), finding what I can through library books.
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I wouldn't advise you to leaner the abroginal cultures through books. In 90% of the cases, the books are written by non-communtiy members that do not understand, or badly misinterpret the culture into the favor of the "romantic savage" stereotype, or worse. My advice to you is like to everyone: Go and learnt he culture form it's people. The most authentic experience, information and history can be learned through the study of their language, and history, without the inclusion and ambiguation of third parties.
I lived with the Ojibwa when I resided in my hometown of Toronto. The Anishinabe language is a complex one, and cannot be studied form a book. It delivers key insight to the culture and it's practices. I'd advise you to find these people and learn hands-on. They are very welcoming. :)

The study came as a cultural exchange, and now has come to deliver some employment opportunities I would like to peruse. Only time will tell! I need more fluency in Danish and Icelandic first :)
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It would be interesting to meet some of these people, though I’m not sure how easy it would be in Oklahoma. I suspect any culture-themed events would focus on local tribes.
One of the authors I found is Basil Johnston, who is an Ojibwa. I know the presentation of mythology in a book must be a condensed version, but I’ve enjoyed it nonetheless.
Good luck! My language skills are pitiful for even grasping Spanish with fluency, so I can’t imagine how challenging that must be. :XD:
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Your still alive! Good to know! Awesome designs as always! Love the colors.
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Yah, just barely! The studio is a greta lace and I'm loving it! :heart:
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Yay!! Post more so we don't have to send rescue teams for your body! We love you!!
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Ha ha! oh man, I promise i'll try! my website is more up-to-date, and my LJ for ramblings... that is sing of life enough, no? XD
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True true... well as long as theres no need for cpr we're good!
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I'd recognize the Norse art style anywhere; for an Anglo-Saxon themed SCA event, I got to look at and copy lots of designs from pictures of the Bayeux tapestry.

This style is different from your norm, but it is cool to see your take on it.
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