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Indefinite Defiace


Conceptual piece.
In consistent defiance of the natural order, he-who-we-don’t-say-his-name-not-even-in-the-winter’s horns drip upward, as the blood drips down.

In retrospect, I was bothered that I painted in the wrong Miigis- it was a Cowrie shell I had to depict, and not a clam. While the Cowrie is symbolic to the female, the clam is to the male; I think because the original being that stopped him was male, I made that association. That, and the clam shell is the first I think of when I think of shells… however, it is the Mide Miigis that possesses the spiritual capacity to be used as medicine. Either way, it should have been only a shard/s, and that would not have been visually clear as to what it was.

Concepts are more about me thinking, rather than execution… so even thought it’s not 100% accurate, I tend to look at it as a catharsis rather than technical output.

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I certainly say you've done a grand job on this! The red certainly makes quite a punch to depict what's going on here. I also like the symbolism behind the clam; I've learned something new about it today! :) 
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Every piece is a learning experience for both the creator and audience. No such thing as a wasted image! :)
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Quite stark, and certainly stands out.  Again, love the effects of the red.  ^v^
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