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Horse and Eagle Dancers

By tarkheki
Commission for :iconbuckskinmare:.

She requested a Horse and Eagle.. but she also included one concept to be included in the design "dancers".
I ran with that idea; becuase if there is anything that isn't depicted enough in the North Wets Pacific style, is the concept of the Dancers themselves in the style.

I had a great deal of fun with this one. No doubt it will develop into a series of designs, because I am loving what I can do with it!

The originals of these two will be on display and for sale at the Round Dance this weekend at the Native Canadian Center in Toronto. :heart:

Size: both are 8.5" x 11"
Medium: Acrylics
Price: $150 for each original
Prints: Available $10
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Wow, your NW native style is amazing, I really love it. I grew up in the NW of the US with an anthropologist for a father, so I never get enough of native art. Just amazing.
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Man I just got back from Wisconsin, we usually go on vacation to a place called lake lawn resort (used to be called lodge) And I used to see indian stuff like this all over the place! Arrow heads, art, even a huge totem pole! But over time they got rid of all of the indian stuff, (besides the mounds as that would be impossible) I guess cau's they thought it was "insensitive" and they were being used as some silly mascot for the place. I just think it's a shame that they phase out all of the indian stuff, its like you forget they ever existed :(
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First off, a little correction- they are not "Indians". Indians are people from India- these are Native Americans or First Nations. Some people find the term "Indian" offensive, so it's not used in most circles. :)

Second, I have to agree with their thinking- after all, a lot of the main-stream stuff that are supposed to be Aboriginal, are actually not- bad knock offs and offensive concepts that have been perpetuated over time by colonials. Hence, when people discuss Native Americans, they are usually swamped with every bad John Wayne stereotype out there. I am actually more impressed that they did get rid of that stuff- as it had no place being there to begin with. :)
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Yeh, but I have to disagree in the fact that the stuff I'm talking about has been around for a while and was at this point a traditional to us, but I agree that the nasty whites have corrupted a lot of american indian stuff like images, have U seen the atari game "custers revenge"? While I love boobs ( No matter what type of woman they be on ;)) on that game was offensive as hell an whoever made it should be shot!!!!
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Ok, do me a favor? When speaking to ME or any other aboriginal, you do NOT use the word "Indian". Do so again, and I will ban you from my page. I find it derogatory and offensive, and so do my colleagues.
Second, I also am offended by the term "nasty whites". That is a racist remark and another derogatory one. I have no will to listen to that crap spouted on my page- for your information, there are a lot of Caucasian individuals that did a LOT for other races and religions at the expense of their own safety and livelihoods- I will not accept people lopping an entire race into a category of "nasty" becuase of the actions of some of them.

Second, I don't care if it's "Traditional" to whomever out there wants to pretend that it is- most of the things like Totem poles are NOT traditional to Aboriginal people- they are exclusive to ONE NATION of aboriginals, and were perpetuated by colonials as something all aboriginal people do. The same goes for specific regalia, day to day items, and cultural content. Aboriginal culture is NOT a mascot, or a party theme, or a costume, or souvenirs, or something to cash out on - it is a CULTURE. We don't go around putting up landmarks and themeing them to other traditions like "Jew Land" or "Christian world", therefore the same respect needs to apply to cultures outside the sphere of colonial doctrine.
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ban me if you like, but I think your pretty insecur when it comes to indians and white-folks, just look at white people, almost every single cold evil crime thats ever commited is because of them! Hitler, stalin, mussolini, crusaders, all of them were white. just look what they all did to the indians, blacks, mexicans, and what they still continue to do to every other race on the planet, I know not all of them today are evil but they still capitalize of what they'r evil ancestors did, fuck e'm, and if you defend em fuck you too...
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Beautiful interpretation! I love the movement in it.
justice-is-blind's avatar
Yes, I'm back to bother you again! I think I'll just dedicate myself to stalking your art.
I like the movement and smoothness in this picture and (of all things, I'm such a suck up) the colors. (I have to say, in all honesty, I am not worthy to judge ye and thine art.) I didn't notive the people's faces at first, but then I did and...Does it sound weird if I say I can taste it (it tastes like smoke and dirt, that's good! >_>;;)?
I like it! (Oh gosh, I'm such a spaz XD)
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Well, if you can taste it, then it's already comming to life one way or another! So that's good! I really appreciate the comment. :heart:
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Cool! I don't recall seeing a horse done in this style yet even if it's just the head.

...Has this style been use on wildlife(or even fantasy creatures)outside N America? Do you think it's appropriate to do so? I ask from an art historian(hobbyist) point of view. Many art styles and techniques throughout history has always been adopted, evolving, and traveling it seems. Now more than ever it is easier to do so, just look at anime/manga...and I hate to use that example.

Personally, I would hate to see this style used beyond traditions like the ones you stay true to, but of course I am in no position to preach that claim to others.
tarkheki's avatar
I actually have seen Horses depicted in this style- but carved on wood boxes. As pictures- no, I haven't seen any either!

The answer to that question is a slippery one. It is considered taboo to depict anything outside the realm of the North West Pacific.... but I ave seen Aboriginal and non aboriginal artist use the style to do otherwise. It's one of those two-sided situations where if an aboriginal person does something of the sort, they are "breaking ground" and if a non-aboriginal does, it's "blasphemy". However, the actual double-sided context does have a reason- where many non-aboriginals who have a habit of taking what they want, when they want, and how they please, will forgo ANY training and studying the cultural concepts and rules... and utilize the style for their own pleasure and taboo breaking ensues. So the rigid complexity stems from a cultural concept that only exists in the Aboriginal cultures (their "copy-right" rules puts OURS to SHAME) called "cultural appropriation".

In my personal experience, if you truly have no ill-intent, and prove to the people that you are willing to invest the time, effort, blood and tears into their culture, you literally become "one of them" in term of social contact, and so the leniency toward you equals that of their own people. It's lots of work, but ti's worth it!
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I found this an interesting comment to read. I am about as white as they come, but a Native American woman took me under her wing when I was struggling both spiritually and physically... learning from her gives me a new appreciation for the world we live in, and it resonates with my natural reverence for nature.

You are absolutely right, though. I came with absolutely no ill-will, and with the willingness to learn with open-minded curiosity - and though they still consider me to be a 'child' in learning the spiritual practices, they openly give and teach. There is no room for wearing masks there, or being anything but what you are because they can see right through fakery. I find it a completely more wholesome, and wonderful way to live. I look at it as they are giving me what I wasn't born with - a gift far more powerful than anything I know.
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Being genuine is the ONLY way to go with them. And realizing how frail and small we are. Their culture is truly unique in that it doesn't try and control or diminish- it want your to be free.
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I agree with you 100%.
The "cultural appropriation" as you put, is the concern. Exploiting something to the point where it loses its original meaning or intent. Art, in some ways more so than the written word, has been one of the more important ways to learn history and understanding culture. So of course as a lover of art history, I understand all too well about the concern of that kind of exploitation.

I do appreciate what you do with your art. I have learned a little about the NWP culture that I'm sure I would have never thought about teaching myself had I not been inspired by your art. I had even picked up a couple of folklore books you suggested to me a few years back. So keep doing what you're doing because you do it well. :D
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I'm glad that I am reaching someone out there- I know it's not many though. People like you are few and far between- mostly just use this as a form of entertainment without digging deeper. But if there is one thing I learned from my cultural endeavours is that digging deeper it what lets us find out who we are and what we are meant to be doing. :heart:
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I'm flattered by that. But you do have a nice fanbase here so I'm sure there are more people inspired by what you do than you think. :)
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Well, I hope I can inspire them... becuase it's what I want to do! :)
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Wow... :jawdrop: They.... flow. Excellent job- I can see the movement! And your form is spot-on! I love!!!! I saw that you mentioned that you're an anatomy sucker...heh. Feel free to come in and slice cadavers with me anytime!!
tarkheki's avatar
Dude, I have done my fair share of cleaning deceased animals and taxidermy! Comes natural when you go in the bush. :giggle:
egyptiancatgoddess's avatar
I just realized how wrong that last sentence sounded :stupidme: Oops....
egyptiancatgoddess's avatar
Ah, true. I was thinking more along the lines of human cadavers, lol. But yeah, animals work to. You go to the bush a lot, then?
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