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Happy Hanukkah 5781

Didn't have time to do one of these last year, but this year I'm back on to commemorating the holiday with another animal from the Great White North. The Majestic Megafauna- the Moose. Comes with built in Menorah too!
!!חג שמח ומואר
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Good night, you remember when I talk with you about the Space Otters (Selonians)? Well, I create a fanfiction based in The Expanded Universe of Star Wars with the online game Ragnarok Online. The name of the comic book is called The Wind Blows, check it out:

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Keep up the good work!

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What a wonderful way to celebrate the festival of lights. Though personally, I just dive into the plate of latkes! ^v^

This is a wonderful pic, my friend. And I hope you have a safe and fun Hanukkah and holiday season. Best of luck in the new year, and all the best.

I also assume you are participating in the new Canadian holiday craze?

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I saw that on tumblr, and my sister immediately interpreted that sign as more 2020 ominous onset... when the 2 greatest chaotic energies in Canada join forces... we can't tell if it's them unifying against the madness, or a terrible union to bring more disaster. XD