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Groundhog's Day


Image for our Studio’s Instagram: Groundhog Day commemoration.
We didn’t have much of a winter here in Vancouver- and then tonight it is forecast for snow.
Go figure. 

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meanwhile here in Saskatchewan, Winter is refusing to go away.
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On the other side of Canada ( Quebec ) : 5 ft... my poor back lol

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Remember, Global Warming is a MYTH!
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I adore the style of this!!
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Thanks. My studio bumps me around storyboards and Design all the time, it's good fun to do both! <3
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try coming over to Montreal. Where polar vortex and snow are staples here. Your on the pacific ocean side of the country warm water from the south. here on the Atlantic ocean side cold water from the north made colder by the increase of icebergs braking of from the north and heading south due to global warming.
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Darn groundhogs.  We should go ask the muskrats, instead!  ^v^
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Hey now, Marmots know their stuff too. Let's not be that harsh. ;P
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But where do the prairie dogs fall on the seasonal judgment scale?  ^v^
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I think they are the substitute when the groundhog is dead. ;P
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It's okay, Groundhog. You're not missing anything haha. I'm with him though; it's cold over here, but it's not exactly a newsflash that we had a winter. Guess we're behind on the times!
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It comes around alright- one way or another. XD
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