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Geometric Tattoo Bearded Dragon

Commission for client.
I was given free levity to do as I pleased, so I decided to design a geometric tattoo while incorporating the client's beloved pet; Mushu, the Bearded Dragon.
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Oh my goodness, I love this!
comixqueen's avatar
So cool!!! What a great concept! (And execution, of course!)
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Thank you! I am really tickled by doing something to geometric based. It's incredibly fun and challenging! :heart:
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So cool.  Love how you integrated the patterns.  ^v^
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Thankies! Took a bit of trial an error, but ti all came together at the end. :heart: 
Fox-The-Wandering's avatar
Whoa, holy smokes! This is a very interesting design for the little guy here. I admit I've never seen anything like this, but it looks so unique and, if I may say so, out of time, like he's in sync with the solar cycle and yet he's out of sync with it. This is a very nifty idea and I'm sure the client will dig it. :D
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I'm actually really glad you picked up on that- I wanted to play a bit with the optical illusion. The tail being continuous of the body, but yet it's actually not attached, etc. The sun WAS the choice of the client as Mushu is a desert critter. So yes, there is a direct attachment to his preferred environment. I'm actually quite pleased that the concept is being picked up on. :heart:
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