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Color of my World

By tarkheki
This was a gift for :iconhewhowalkswithtigers:.

I cannot express my deepest profound admiration and love to Kuba- for being someone who actually "does" as opposed to "talks".
Kuba has traveled continents and countries, dedicating and volunteering his time to Tiger conservation. At a first glance and meeting, you are met with a quiet, soft spoken man who's passions obviously roar greater than the cats he protects. Well educated and versed in the ways of conservation, Kuba's driving force is without a doubt, a Tiger: the endurance and the tenacity to continue even in the hardest of situations, standing up against anything and anyone; even at the expense of oneself.

I honestly believe that if there were more people like Kuba, our problems in this world could be solved. For now, I can honestly say that I feel that Tigers have a fighting chance to survive becuase people like him exist. :heart:

Pencil on Black Craft Paper.
Prints available.
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Oh my gosh,this is so amazing I can't even explain why I love it so much
liliesformary's avatar
Um, friggin gorgeous. Love your pencil work.
tarkheki's avatar
thank you!
I almost didn't recognize you becuase of your new icon! I guess it's time to go and scout your gallery for pretty things to seeee! :heart:
DemonRave's avatar
Beautiful work.

I saw this in my devwatch folder and I was instantly drawn in by the eyes. Simply amazing.
tarkheki's avatar
Thank you!
I was aiming for the focal point.. both symbolically and artistically. SO I'm glad it worked. :)
DemonRave's avatar
You're welcome. :D
arpellias's avatar
that is beautiful...I like the contrast esp <333
darkmane's avatar
Simply inspiring, you do such thought provoking work. You come off as a philosophical person and someone that contemplates, and because of this, your art is in an even great realm. Amazing piece.
tarkheki's avatar
Thank you so much! You really made my all warm and fuzzy with your compliments! I do like to be deeper than the shallow surface, so naturally I want to saturate my art with a lot more than just a pretty picture to look at. Thank you so much for noticing! :heart:
darkmane's avatar
You know you are welcome! It makes your work all the more inspiring and you are one of the main artists I came across that has always impressed me. Plus, you come off as humble and genuinely nice, there are many who just ignore the people giving support, but you take the time to acknowledge, that is a rare quality today. I know you will go far.
tarkheki's avatar
Oh dude, you have just painted me red in the face this morning with all your wonderful comments! I admit I can be moody and temperamental- especially when defending the principles i hold dear and my close relations... but overall I try to tread lightly always remembering that the only "true" power in this world. lies in the Supernatural energies that exist outside of our reality. And that thought alone reminds anyone to humble themselves in realization that they are merely craftsmen, temporary walking a planet that doesn't belong to them. Behold it's beauty, keep it safe, and pass it on. :heart:
ArdanBlade's avatar
It's quite a brilliant piece. Deep details etched into a face that captivates those who look into it's rainbow eyes.

That you did this to honor the sacrifice and valiance of a man like Kuba makes it all the more profound. Well done!
tarkheki's avatar
Thank you!
When I have a purpose, my work can really shine- and it's so easy to find purpose if the recipients are amazing! :heart:
Jehvelielain's avatar
Those eyes are just.. magical. So beautiful that one can stare at them for hours. :O
Also like the whole piece. It's so well done and detailed. ^-^;;
tarkheki's avatar
Thank you! I am happy that the eyes are such a success- as the focal point of the image, I wanted them to be obviously alluring and powerful. XD
Storyweaver1's avatar
There's something really cool about a black/white tiger with rainbow eyes.
tarkheki's avatar
tarkheki's avatar
And you make me BLUSH LIKE CRAZY every time you post!
How did your application go? When will you hear if you got in?
tarkheki's avatar
DUDE! Feel free to e-mail me the "good pieces" I'd love to see them!

Huzzah! Grad dress! Thems were the days.. oh wait no, I didn't like my highschool and I don't like dresses. I stayed home and save princess Zelda! XD
AngryGulo's avatar
I love how confident your pencil strokes are in this. It really shows on the white markings how they are sometimes layered but still so clean that you can still see each individual stoke. It looks so flawless.

Good study material here!
tarkheki's avatar
OMG your comment left me :faint:. Thank you so much! It was truly a labor of love here... I think that's why it came out so clean and confident! :)
mangamegbe's avatar
Very very pretty
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