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An Old Veteran

Made for this years Canadian Veteran's Day; Nov 11, 20016.

Looking at the colourations of a Wolverine's breast, one in particular inspired this design. 
I wanted a solemn, wise and lived face, as opposed to the traditional teeth bared, as best to relate the faces seen on so many of our Veterans.

Acrylic on Watercolour paper.
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The colored blocking is superb!!!!!!:iconinloveplz: And the boldness and epicness is beyond incredible!!!:iconshining-eyesplz:  
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I've been getting into allot of this type of art lately. What are your resources for American North West tribal art?
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I worked in the community and on Reserve for 13 years. They taught me personally, and currently I have an Endorser. :)
Panda-Jenn's avatar
That's so awesome! I've been wanting to give tribal art a try. Not just this kind, but different types.
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Oh my goodness, this is breathtaking and so, so powerful. I love the face, it expresses that 'experience lived and wisdom gained' so much, and while that fresh ferocity is banked, you get the sense that this Wolverine makes some incredibly important decisions, and knows which battles to fight and when to choose peace. Incredible. I love the red muzzle/nose too - I don't know the symbolism you intended, but I imagine a creature / energy that has had its muzzle in the rich blood of war, yet still knows enough to sit back with wisdom too.
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Red lips and teeth is a common motif in NWP, as it helps to illustrate the red lips usually imposed on the figures in it's symbolic conversion (anthropomorphism). it also helps a visual design concept that allows the audience to identify the dominant facial expression on the dominant figures, while secondary usual are given black or no lips.
That being said, you bring up a valid point; the motif can be utilized to project a lot of different meanings, or even used as a design mechanism to adjust the facial expression, while staying true to the limited forms. 
I'm glad there are many POVs of the image, and they all lend to the main concept. :love:
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Oh thank you so much for clarifying, your explanation makes so much sense, and it'll be something I'll look for in the future as well I think, knowing now that it's a distinct motif! That's awesome.
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Really quite beautiful.
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Aww yes, more of your skilled hands and accurate painting! He is very solemn and for me, quite sorrowful. Do the hands (I'm presuming they're hands) have any meaning here?
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Yes actually- hands are a symbol or creation, but also in this context- he hands that take. As the insides are red, there does allude to taking-life (blood on hands). Great eye!
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Striking and fits a veteran. :nod:
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Thank you! I wanted to captivate the feeling, and glad I did! :heart:
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In Canada it's called Rememberance day not Veteran's day
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Thank you, however I am from Canada, and here in Vancouver, we often refer to it as "Veteran's Day" as well.
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slow reply i know been busy. Vancover can't help it you guys have been Americanized. Canada will be lucky if it keeps moksgm'ol. Did you know the spirit bear is as rare as the panda but unlike the panda is less protected.
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Very impressive.  Solemn yet with hidden fierceness.  Simply amazing work.  ^v^
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Thank you! Your comments are always so gracious. :heart:
Fox-The-Wandering's avatar
The timeworn face shows itself well for all to see. This turned out beautifully with the colors and design. I feel this is a very awesome way to honor veterans. Nice job. :)
tarkheki's avatar
Thank you so much. It's a bare fraction of a minimum for their unparalleled service to us. :heart: 
Fox-The-Wandering's avatar
Aw, you're very welcome. :)
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It's truly stunning and so wonderfully layered.
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