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L'angenoir of Sanctuaire Purina

A strange Tark'ee occasionally wanders the land. She never speaks, and she never reveals her eyes which are always hidden behind a veil made of the finest silks. She hails from Sanctuaire Purina - The Pure Sanctuary.
There are many rumours about this religion, many of which are less than ideal. However, what is known for certain is that this organisation of elite Flight Tark'ee believe in absolute dedication to the Deities - especially the Flight Mother - and seek the enlightenment of all Tark'ee to the wonders of being Pure.
Of much more interest to the general population is that this group of Tark'ee seem to be incredibly well endowed with great riches to which they are both partial to, and do not mind parting with. All throughout the land L'angenoir travels, going from city to town to province with her large entourage of servants and her even larger collection of Silver, Gold, and wares.

She is only interested in one thing, however, and that is more Servants which are claimed to contribute to Sanctuaire Purina's goal of creating a Pure race of Tark'ee, and to allow all Tark'ee return to their former glory as Pure Ones - direct children of the Deities.
Some take this as a great honour and offer up their hatchlings, eggs, sons and daughters. Others offer themselves up willingly in exchange for money for their families. Some are forced into it, with newly founded Tark'ee Mills being constructed which steal Tark'ee away from their homes to sell to Sanctuaire Purina. Some even say they see elite breeders selling hatchlings to L'angenoir in order to keep their breeding lines pure and rare. Everyone has their own beliefs about the religion - be they divine or devilish.

L'angenoir is buying your genos, hatchlings and other Tark'ee on behalf of Sanctuaire Purina
Unlike The Adoption Center, Sanctuaire Purina will not rehome your Tark'ee. These Tark'ee will be removed from the game permanently. This will not be able to be undone so please consider carefully.

Silver Payouts

You will gain 50 Silver for each Tark'ee dropped off at the Center.

Additionally, you will gain:
5 Silver for each COMMON marking or mutation
10 Silver for each UNCOMMON marking or mutation, or any base modifier
25 Silver for each RARE marking or mutation
There is no Silver awarded for Plentiful markings or mutations.
15 Silver for each Flight Tark'ee.

Purina's Plight

Selling multiple Tark'ee to L'angenoir in one transaction creates bonuses which will be added to the total Silver payout she is willing to buy for.
3 Tark'ee - 20% increase
4 Tark'ee - 25% increase
6 Tark'ee - 50% increase
10 Tark'ee - 100% increase

Selling your Tark'ee

Comment Here to sell your Tark'ee to L'angenoir.
For every set of genos, please provide the breeding comment or proof of ownership.

If you would rather allow others to have a chance to adopt your Tark'ee, please visit The Adoption Center

Skin by ClarityWind
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ClarityWind Featured By Owner May 24, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
It is with great saddness that I must let my beautiful boy, Kai, go.
May he forever swim with the Wave Father.

010: Kai by TarkeeTales
TarkeeTales Featured By Owner May 24, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
110 Silver has been deposited into your Vault.
Rosedraq Featured By Owner Edited Mar 30, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
**whistles on by**


1) Female Wave - High Fertility
Genotype: gg, Bb, oo || Tad/n, Ram/n, HSail/n || BeBe, nSea, nCv, nSp
Carries: mm, Ww, aa, bb || Spike/n, Igna/n || 
Base: Blue
Markings: Belly, Seaweed, Cover and Spots
Variations: Tadpole Tail, Ram Horns and Head Sail
Mutations: -
[H: 7][S: 3][I: 4][Dex: 6][Def: 2]

Male Wave - Average Fertility
Genotype: Gg, Bb, oo || Tad/n, Ram/n, Frill/n || BeBe, nCv
Base: Cyan
Markings: Belly and Cover
Variations: Tadpole Tail, Ram Horns and Frillneck
Mutations: Heterochromia
[H: 8][S: 3][I: 5][Dex: 6][Def: 2]


1) Female Flight -  Average Fertility
Genotype: mm, Ww, aa, bb, gg || TTuft/n, Mohawk/n, Bat/n || nBe, BrBr, nStk, nPt
Base: White
Markings: Belly, Brindle, Streak and Patches
Variations: Tail Tuft, Mohawk and Membrane Wings
Mutations: -
[H: 5][S: 4][I: 7][Dex: 3][Def: 1]

108: Khar'on by TarkeeTales

123: Belial by TarkeeTales

243: Mordred by TarkeeTales

134: Hades by TarkeeTales
TarkeeTales Featured By Owner Edited Mar 30, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
L'angenoir barely acknowledges you as you approach with your various Tark'ee and hatchlings in tow. However, as if by some invisible signal, one of her many servants comes forth to hand you a small chest. Inside the chest you can hear the beautiful sound of Silver clinking against one another as it moves.
"We thank-you for your... donation." the servant mumbles from beneath their head covering.

545 Silver has been deposited in your Vault.

Forgot about bonus Dx
Additional 272 Silver has been deposited in your Vault
Rosedraq Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist…
1) Male Rock - Low Fertility
mm, Ww, aa, bb, Gg || BeBe, nSp
White Belly and Spots
[H: 9][S: 3][I: 5][Dex: 5][Def: 2]

bugger off you
TarkeeTales Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You have dropped off the round rock hatchling to the claws of a Sister from the Sanctuary.
Without saying a word, she hands you small bag with 60 Silver in it.
Rosedraq Featured By Owner Edited Jan 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Azmodan pushes through the crowd and drops three youngsters in front of the ominous tarkee. " Take these three! "…

1) Male Flight - Average Fertility
mm, Ww, AA, bb, gg || Cc || Mane/mohawk, Oryx/n || nBe, nBr, nTpr
Charred Tawny Full Mane and Oryx Horns with Belly, Brindle and Tapir
[H: 6][S: 10][I: 1][Dex: 5][Def: 5]…

2) Female Flight - Average Fertility
mm, Ww, AA, bb, gg || Mohawk/mane, TTuft/n || nFm, nBe, nBr
Tawny Mohawk and Tail Tuft with Face Mask, Belly and Brindle
[H: 8][S: 9][I: 1]Dex: 7][Def: 4]…

3) Male Flight - Average Fertility
mm, ww, aa, Bb, gg || Mane/n || nFm, nStk, nBr, nBe  nTwi
Brown Full Mane with Face Mask, Streaks, Brindle, Belly and Tri-Wing
[H: 7][S: 11][I: 1][Dex: 6][Def: 4]
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Hidden by Owner
TarkeeTales Featured By Owner Edited Jan 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
L'angenoir doesn't even face the loud, rough Rock Tark'ee as he shoves hatchlings towards her. 
Swiftly, two servants approach, clad in purple with their claws bound in cloth. They swiftly took in the young hatchlings and ushered them away without a word. 
A male Flight Tark'ee takes a tally on a piece of parchment, then approaches to hand over Silver to the large Rock, Azmodan.

300 Silver has been added to your Vault.
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