Rites of Passage

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Due to the attacks ravaged upon Dondir, Tark'ee from all walks of life value the ability to protect their territory, as well as the ability to protect their young. In order to be seen as worthy in the eyes of potential mates, a Tark'ee must complete their Rites. Without completing these Rites, a potential mate may become infuriated and attack. With these rites, the Tark'ee has proven themselves strong and capable of defending their land.
Most Tark'ee decide to undertake their Rites of Passage at some point during their lives. Many this happens to unknowingly - others must seek it out. All Tark'ee require their Rites to be completed before they are acknowledged and eligible to breed.

Minimum Requirements
Visual Submissions to be Fullbody and Simple Shaded with a semi-complex background. Anytime a 'Guardian' is required, they need to be at least 50% visible
Literature Submissions to be at least 1000 words with an extra 250 words for each additional Tark'ee completing their Rites.
Once completed, head on over to Training Completion to submit for approval.

- Each Tark'ee must complete 3 prompts to finish their Rites and obtain their Breeding Badge.
- Maximum number of Tark'ee completing their rites is 4 per submission.
- You may post your Rites as a comic-style, with all 3 as separate panels on one submission. Must be clearly separate.
- You may depict your Tark'ee at any stage in life.
- A 'guardian' does not have to be a Tark'ee. This can be an equivalent 'handler' or another character, as long as it is clear that they are being guided by this other character it will count.

Rites of Passage

Breeding Badge by TarkeeTales

Tier 1 - Boundaries
The first rule of survival is to know your limits, and the limits of your opponents.
Depict your Tark'ee fleeing a battle they were premature for. Did they infringe upon a larger Tark'ee territory? Did they upset a momma turtlebear? Are they being protected by their parent or guardian due to a sticky situation?

Tier 2 - Sustenance
The second rule of survival is to source your food, and to eat.
Depict your Tark'ee hunting, gathering or fishing for their food for the first time whilst their parent/guardian either helps or watches. Alternatively, you may choose to depict the parent/guardian showing, talking about and teaching the Tark'ee about their food.

Tier 3 - Offence and Defense
The third rule of survival is to defend your territory, or learn to attack a predator.
Depict your Tark'ee engaged in a fight with another Tark'ee. This can be a play fight, or a fight which has become too serious. Parent/Guardian is optional.

Tier 4 - Responsibility
To survive, a Tark'ee must be held responsible for their actions and the actions of those under their command. This means looking after something dear to another.
Depict your Tark'ee looking after something which belongs to another. This can be a hatchling or egg, or maybe prized jewelry. Do they hold it close until the onwer returns? Or maybe they get scolded for breaking it.

Tier 5 - Loss
Everyone looses something dear to them, be it a family member, companion or pet. Maybe it was a precious gift their grandmother gave to them.
Depict your Tark'ee coping with an immense loss, or in the act of loosing it. The loss must be devastating to the Tark'ee. Explain in the description why this is important to them.

Tier 6 - Calamity
Occasionally a Terrible Evil sweeps the land. Maybe your Tark'ee witnessed the genocide of a race, the destruction of a moon, a terrible earthquake or flood - whatever it was, it was huge.
Depict your Tark'ee in the event which caused the calamity or the aftermath of. Was there a huge beast which terrorised the land? Maybe they stumbled upon a razed village.

Tier 7 - Calling
Like most other creatures, Tark'ee strive to find their life's calling. Maybe your Tark'ee found it - are they a tailor, warrior, politician, or nursery staff? Do they look after the injured or love to dance?
Depict your Tark'ee discovering their True Calling - something which they are incredibly passionate about.

Tier 8 - Only because I let you
Some Tark'ee willingly wear harnesses, saddles or other such equipment to help out bipedes or because of the value they see in it. Others are captured in the wild and forced into domestic slavery. Either way, wearing a harness is definitely something which takes some getting used to.
Depict your Tark'ee wearing their harness, saddle, tack or armor for the first time. Do they take to it easily, or is there some struggle? Maybe they're being saddled to be ridden for the first time - how did that go?

Tier 9 - Against Nature / finding a charge
Sometimes a Tark'ee will stumble upon a mother giving birth, or a lost being in the woods, and will feel a strange swelling in their chest along with the urge to protect this creature or creatures. Be this against a predator or against the elements. Similar to adopting someone not of your species.
Depict your Tark'ee finding a charge - someone they are close to and wish to protect always. This can be a bipede/handler, another species or animal. Are they protecting them from a predator? Or sheltering them from a storm?

Tier 10 - Too Big!
Tark'ee are far from being small - this gets them into tricky situations when they find themselves among villages, cities and settlements.
Depict your Tark'ee discovering their size inside a domestic civilization setting, such as a house, room, street, apartment, carriage, etc.

Tier 11 - Fear
Sometimes in life even the bravest or fiercest Tark'ee encounter something which strikes the fear into their hearts. Maybe they nearly drowned as a hatchling? Or maybe they witnessed a great terror in their life.
Depict your Tark'ee facing their fears, or encountering an event which they will never forget. These are emotional scars.

Tier 12 - Finding a Home
Finding a home is essential for establishing resources available, territories, or even just shelter from the terrible world around you. Maybe you were adopted into a rich family, or taking anything you can get as an abandoned and cold hatchling.
Depict your Tark'ee finding shelter, or establishing a home-base.

Tier 13 - Courtship
A large driving force for many Tark'ee is finding a mate. There are many ways to do this - through directly wooing them, to showing off your tail feathers. Whatever it is, this is an important part of Tark'ee development. Some are born naturals, many others stumble awkwardly through this stage and are bound to make a fool of themselves somehow.
Depict your Tark'ee wooing a potential partner. Note: this may not be used as Tribute in breeding.

Skin by ClarityWind
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