Quests are an optional activity within the Tarkee group. Quests will often yield rewards such as craftable materials, Silver, experience and tack.
Some quests are harder to fulfill than others and may require multiple depictions of your Tark'ee fulfilling the requirements.

Rewards for quests are in addition to the standard reward payout for art and literature!

In your quest submission, please fill out these details, as a minimum.
Profile Link/s:
Quest ID:
Stance:  (if applicable - each Tark'ee)
Tactics: (if applicable - whole party)

Submissions need to be placed in the "Quests" folder!


Minimum Requirements

You may commission others to do these quests for you.

As a minimum, your art for completing quests must meet the following conditions in order to count.

Art Submissions
- Minimum of fullbody with simple shading
- Need to show your Tark'ee actually in the act of completing the quest
( Such as gathering items, hunting, battling creatures, herding animals, etc )

Optional are backgrounds, handlers/tamers/riders, and multiple Tark'ee.
Please note: If you are depicting multiple Tark'ee completing a quest, each must be active in the fulfillment of the quest in order for them to receive experience and silver.
If it is unclear that the Tark'ee is helping, or that it is merely on the sidelines, you will not receive Silver for that characters involvement, and that Tark'ee will not earn experience.

- Literature submissions must be at least 700 words long
- Must be relevant to the quest in question


There are a number of different types of quests you will find.
Simple, Team-Work and Gathering/Hunting.

Simple Quests

Simple quests are easy to complete. A single Tark'ee is required to complete them. Success is guaranteed.
Refer to the above Minimum Requirements for Simple Quests.
Submit your quest completion requests here.

Team-Work Quests

Submit your quest completion requests here.
Team-Work based quests are harder, and therefore result in a higher reward payout.
As a minumum:
- You must have a collaborator
- Art must be a fullbody shaded with a background OR 1100 word literature piece
- A minimum of two Tark'ee must be present in completing the quest

Both contributors will receive the full payout for the quest reward once the submission has been accepted.
You must outline who did what in the submission description.

Gathering and Hunting Quests

Gathering and Hunting is grindy. These quests work slightly different than the other quest types as they will be chance-based.
You do not need specific Quest submissions for this, as you can simply redeem your reward through fishing and removing these from your inventory.

Art Requirements:
- Same as the Simple Quests, 700 word literature, or a fullbody simple shaded piece.
- Need to depict the Tark'ee fulfilling quest requirements (See Hunting, Gathering, Fishing).

- A random roll will be given for the collection of a single item, or defeating a single beast.
- Comment on the Hunting, Fishing and Gathering journal to redeem activities - comment below only when you have collected all the needed items.
- Each Tark'ee depicted in these images are rolled for themselves - the owner of the Tark'ee will get the reward.
- You may need to create multiple pieces of art if you were unable to collect all the items in one run.

Once you have gathered enough items, or slain enough beasts, you need to fill out the form and reply to the Quest Completion Comment.
This will result in the payout being rewarded to your account.
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Fluffypuppy77 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quest ID:  TW001

Profile Links of Tark'ee involved:   


Quest Submission: 

TarkeeTales Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Jericho and Ziptide hear the tolling of a bell from a nearby town. The tolling means trouble.
Concerned, they rush to the rescue - only to find 3 turtlebears attacking aimlessly! 
They fight the assailants valiantly, saving the town from the onslaught.

Your Team of Jericho and Ziptide have completed the quest Defend the Town! (TW001)
You have been awarded 300 Silver, 3x Turtlebear Pelt, 3x Hardened Shell.
This reward has been added to your account.
Fluffypuppy77 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whoot whoot
Good job boys!

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