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Please refer to this Journal for the quest information and the minimum requirements for your submissions.
Quests - InformationQuests are an optional activity within the Tarkee group. Quests will often yield rewards such as craftable materials, Silver, experience and tack.
Some quests are harder to fulfill than others and may require multiple depictions of your Tark'ee fulfilling the requirements.
Rewards for quests are in addition to the standard reward payout for art and literature!
In your quest submission, please fill out these details, as a minimum.
Profile Link/s:
Quest ID:
Stance:  (if applicable - each Tark'ee)
Tactics: (if applicable - whole party)
Submissions need to be placed in the "Quests" folder!
Minimum Requirements
You may commission others to do these quests for you.
As a minimum, your art for completing quests must meet the following conditions in order to count.
Art Submissions
- Minimum of fullbody with simple shading
- Need to show your Tark'ee actually in the act of completing the quest

Simple Quests

Quest ID: S001
Spiel:  Baby Sitting: The Earth Mother approaches your Tark'ee with a set of twin hatchlings in tow. She silently smiles at you and the 2 hatchlings bound their way towards your Tark'ee's legs where they weave in and out, nearly tripping them up! Oh no. Looks like you're going to have your hands full until the Mother returns.
Etra: Each Tark'ee can only complete this once.
Reward:  +20 xp, 150 Silver

Quest ID:  S002
Spiel:  Flower Picking: A local merchant has decided that having a Flower Festival for the spring is a great idea! Possibly because he can sell more things... but that besides, he is seeking lots of flowers for this festival! Better start picking.
Extra:  Your Tark'ee can complete this many times.
Reward:  +10 xp, 50 Silver, 2x Flowers

Quest ID:  S003
Spiel:  Jack and Jill: You need water. Go get it. The trouble is carrying it back to your camp....mmmm
Extra: Your Tark'ee can complete this many times.
Reward: +20% xp to the total payout, 20 Silver

Quest ID:  S004
Spiel:  Pesky Rats: Giant Rats are ransacking your supplies! Oh no, you best get rid of them before they eat everything!
Extra: Every 2 Giant Rats count as an additional character (up to 3 additional characters / 6 rats) when calculating XP. Your Tark'ee may complete this many times.
Reward: 1x Meat Morsel, 1x Fish Scraps, 1x Leaf Litter

Team-Work Quests

Quest ID:  TW001
Spiel: Defend the town! A sleuth of turtlebears have become angry and are attacking the town! Defend the town by any means necessary!
Extra: Your Tark'ee must fight a minimum of 3 Turtlebears.
Reward:  300 Silver, 3x Turtlebear Pelt, 3x Hardened Shell

Quest ID:  TW002
Spiel:  Whale of a time: A giant whale has been spotted off of the Ivory Coast. However the villages around that area are incredibly unhappy about this - that whale is eating all of the resources! They're calling out for Tark'ee to come and destroy the whale.
Extra: This quest is not guaranteed to be successful. The whale is powerful and may inflict damage upon your Tark'ee.
Reward: 250 Silver, 3x Ivory Tusk, +50xp to each Tark'ee

Gathering and Hunting Quests

Quest ID: GH001
Spiel: Kelp Kelp Kelp: A local fisherman has invented a new food combination and requires 5 pieces of Kelp from the seafloor. He is very, very insistent about this... maybe he ate a bad kelp?
Extra: Items will be removed from your Vault upon completion of this quest.
Reward:  200 Silver, + 25xp (Additional + 5 xp for chosen Wave Tark'ee), 2x Seashells, 2x Oysters

Quest ID:  GH002
Spiel:  Fisherman's Delight: A local fisherman has recently gotten a large influx of requests! His business is booming. But all he has is a single boat? Surely this will not do. He's enlisted your help to fulfil these large orders! He's asking for 10 pieces of GOOD FISH.
Extra: Items will be removed from your Vault upon completion of this quest.
Reward: 500 Silver + Fisherman's Lure

Quest ID:  GH003
Spiel:  Lovers Curse: A male Tark'ee has approached you, asking for various items to help him woo a female he is interested in. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the resources, nor strength, to obtain them by his own power. He needs: 2x Ivory Fertility Statue, 1x Funky Formula.
Extra: Items will be removed from your Vault upon completion of this quest.
Reward: 500 Silver + 10x Ivory Tusk + 10x Good Meat + 10x Good Fish

Quest ID:  GH004
Spiel:  Berrylicious!: A local herbalist is seeking more ingredients for their various salves and remedies. However they don't have the time to collect them all by themselves! They're seeking 1x Mock Sickle Herbs, 1x Bitter Flower, 1x Good Berries, 1x Teardrop Herbs, 1x Red Cherry Apple, 2x Seaweed and are willing to reward those who deliver!
Extra: Items will be removed from your Vault upon completion of this quest.
Reward: 300 Silver + 3x Ivory Tusk + 2x Feel-No-Pain

Quest ID:  

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