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Tark'ee have a number of base colours depending not only on their species, but on their genotype.
Base colour is inherited from the parents and is able to be expressed as a range of colours. There are 2 Modifiers, Snowy and Charred. There is also Chromatic, a vibrantly contrasting modifier which is incredibly rare to inherit.
Chromatic Bases

Horns, Spines, Beaks and Claws
Flesh and Fleshy Variations
Fur and Feathers
Choosing and Eye Colour

Click the links below to see the different mutations, variations and markings and colours of each species.

Free Markings

These markings are free to add to any Tark'ee design, optionally. They do not need to show on the geno at all, or in the lineage.

* Accents - A white  or black marking which is free and versatile within the ranges provided.

Plentiful Markings

* Belly (nBe, BeBe)
* Brindle (nBr, BrBr)
* Clouded (nClo, CloClo)
* Collar (nCo, CoCo)
* Cover (nCv, CvCv)
* Dun (nDu, DuDu)
* Hood (nHd, HdHd)
* Panda (nPa, PaPa)
* Pangare (nPng, PngPng)
* Seaweed (nSea, SeaSea)
Socks (nSo, SoSo)
* Spots (nSp, SpSp)
* Streak (nStk, StkStk)
* Tail (nTa, TaTa)
* Tips (nTp, TpTp)

Common Markings

* Banded Socks (nBs, BsBs)
Chest (nCh, ChCh)
* Dalmatian (nDal, DalDal)
* Dappled (nDpp, DppDpp)
* Face Mask (nFm, FmFm)
* Patches (nPt, PtPt)
Ribbing (nRb, RbRb)
* Single Stripe (nSs, SsSs)
* Speckled (nSpk, SpkSpk)
* Tiger (nTi, TiTi)
* Tri-Wing (nTwi, TwiTwi)
* Unders (nU, UU)

Uncommon Markings

* Bandit (nBdt, BdtBdt)
* Centered (nCen, CenCen)
Eyelette (nEye, EyeEye)
* Flecks (nFl, FlFl)
Nebula (nNeb, NebNeb)
* Nullified (nNul, NulNul)
* Okapi (nOk, OkOk)
* Python (nPy, PyPy)
* Saddle (nSd, SdSd)
* Tapir (nTpr, TprTpr)

Rare Markings

* Appaloosa (nApp, AppApp)
* Banding (nBa, BaBa)
Bioluminescent (nBio, BioBio)
* Cracked (nCr, CrCr)
Hindsight (nHind, HindHind)
Hunter (nHun, HunHun)
Leopard (nLeo, LeoLeo)
Licked (nLick, LickLick)
* Piebald (nPie, PiePie)

Random Mutations

Chromatic  - Chromatic is a base and marking modifier. It dramatically changes the available colour ranges based on the genetic base. This gene is incredibly rare, even having two homozygous parents will not guarantee offspring inheriting this trait.

Wingless Mutation *FLIGHT ONLY* - A genetic corruption of the Flight Gene results in the Tark'ee being born without wings. These Tark'ee are often shunned by their peers and have a 20% chance to result in an empty clutch each breeding, regardless of level! Every breeding resulting in a Flight offspring has a 5% chance for this Rare mutation.

Chimerism  - A rare genetic phenomenon where two genotypes are expressed in one Tark'ee

Albinism - A rare genetic disorder which pales out the coat entirely, sometimes making the entire Tark'ee a solid white and pink.

Heterochromia - Allows two colours to express in the eyes. If both parents have the same colour eyes, then eye second eye colour may be inherited from a grandparent.

Inbred Mutations

These mutations only occur in inbred children - when parents who breed are related. Every inbreeding guarantees one of these. Closer inbreedings have a higher chance of resulting in multiple of these mutations.
Blind / Deaf (-5% combat dexterity)
Eyeless (-5% combat strength)
Amputated (-10% combat dexterity)
Poly (+10% combat dexterity)
Cerberus (+10% combat strength)
Crippled (-15% combat strength)

Cross-Deity Variations

These variations only have a chance of appearing when different species breed together. There is a 20% chance of a cross-deity variation appearing in a breeding. From there, it's considered a Rare Variation and can be inherited as such.
Waverider || Wave x Flight
Scaled || Wave x Rock
Furred / Sailed || Wave x Earth
Mane / Protected || Rock (Male / Female ) x Earth
Membrane Wings || Rock x Flight
Feathered Wings (Earth) || Flight x Earth

Breeding Information, Marking and Mutation Inheritance

Skin by ClarityWind
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ClarityWind Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Spiked Spine is on the PSD as a folder :)
Alternatively, you can search the TarkeeTales account to see what it looks like.

It is the short spikes along the back of these Tark'ee: tarkeetales.deviantart.com/gal…
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There's no real limitations on eye colour, however they generally cannot be purple/violet/magenta. 
'Natural' colours include: Blue, green, grey, amber, brown, red and yellow. But there's a wide range of what is acceptable :) 
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At this stage, there are not many restrictions on the marking colours that you're able to use.
However it does need to feel 'natural' in that particular base type.

Example: A Blue Wave Tark'ee can have green and cool-range markings. Browns and reds are probably not likely to be accepted.
A brown Earth Tark'ee would be more prone to blacks, whites, greys, and 'natural' colours that you'd find in the world.

The only limitation I have is highly saturated or vibrant colours - as that is Chromatic. Chromatic is a random mutation that affects some Tark'ee and makes them stupidly bright, depending on their base.

TL;DR: Markings can deviate as much as you like, really. There are some limitations, but not many.
Some markings will explicitly state that they must be lighter or darker than the base or their surrounds. Some are explicitly white, others are explicitly black.
Whatever looks good to you though :)
Extremes will be picked up.
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