Hunting and Fishing

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Hunting and Fishing are activities within the group in which Tark'ee will search for various items and fish  underwater. You may sell or trade these items you find, or use them in crafting and alchemy to create a myriad of concoctions.


Hunting and Fishing

In order to participate in activities, you will need to create an activity tracker. This tracker may be a public journal or in stash. This tracker will need to have links or thumbnails to the Tark'ee which are actively working towards that tracker. You may have as many or few trackers as you like.
See here for more information on how to create a Tracker journal.

Submission Requirements
All Hunting and Fishing submissions need to be mostly clean, coloured, simple shaded and have a simple background, as a minimum.
Literature must be 800 words +400 words for every additional Tark'ee which will be rolled for the activity.

- One submission can only portray one Activity - 'Activity Sheets' are not permissible.
- All Tark'ee which are engaged in the activity must be participating
- Additional Tark'ee / characters may be included for XP bonuses, however they will not be rolled for the activity.
- At least 70% of the Tark'ee must be visible
- How you portray the expedition is up to you! They can be actively hunting a fish, diving deep underwater to collect an item, or bringing their haul back to their camp.


Posting your Hunting and Fishing Submission

You need to post your Hunting and Fishing submissions into their respective folders - then all you need to do is wait. An Activity Roller will see your submission in the folder and roll for it, posting these results to each Tark'ee Activity Tracker.
For each Tark'ee depicted in a submission you MUST fill out the following form to allow the Activity to be rolled.

Link to Tark'ee :
Activity Type: (hunting/fishing/spelunking/etc)
Species: (wave/earth/flight/rock/etc)
Link to Tracking Journal: (where rolled loot will be posted)
Relevant Items, Familiars or Training: (delete if none)
Leasing Proof: (delete if unused)
Tark'ee Stance:  (Aggressive, Neutral, Playful or Wary)
Combat Gear: (any items/equipment/abilities relating to combat)
Party Tactic: (Kill w. Fire, Save Self, One for All, or Throw a Blanket)

A maximum of 4 Tark'ee can be rewarded for Activity Rolls


Deity Effects on Outcome

The different species have different bonuses and difficulties in different terrains and activities.

- Rock Tark'ee have a -5 to number of items
- Wave Tark'ee have a +5 to number of items. +3 to item rarity.

- Flight Tark'ee have a +5 to number of items, +5 to item rarity
- Rock Tark'ee have a +5 to number of items, +2 to item rarity
- Earth Tark'ee have a +10 to number of items when 3-4 Tark'ee are depicted.
- Wave Tark'ee have a -10 to number of items.


Regardless of what you depict in your submission, the rewards for Hunting and Fishing are completely random - within each category. However there are some things you may do to change your chances of certain results, such as equipping relevant items, tack and familiars or having completed certain Training.

Hunting Rewards

Meat Morsel by TarkeeTales Good Meat by TarkeeTales Excellent Meat by TarkeeTales Pristine Meat by TarkeeTales Tattered Hide by TarkeeTales Brown Pelt by TarkeeTales Beige Pelt by TarkeeTales Black Pelt by TarkeeTales Piebald Pelt by TarkeeTales Albino Pelt by TarkeeTales Bone by TarkeeTales Small Skull by TarkeeTales Ivory Tusk by TarkeeTales Large Skull by TarkeeTales Tattered Feathers by TarkeeTales Seal Oil by TarkeeTales Fertilli Tea by TarkeeTales Tark'ee Egg by TarkeeTales
Coroadill - Common by TarkeeTales Bonefiend by TarkeeTales

Fishing Rewards

[fish scraps] [good fish] [seashells]
Excellent Fish by TarkeeTales Pristine Fish by TarkeeTales Mollusk Shell by TarkeeTales Seaweed by TarkeeTales Crysalisk Shell by TarkeeTales Kelp by TarkeeTales   Scales by TarkeeTales Smooth Green Rock by TarkeeTales Seal Oil by TarkeeTales   Giant Shell by TarkeeTales Fertilli Tea by TarkeeTales Tark'ee Egg by TarkeeTales
[Octava - Familiar]

Skin by ClarityWind
DreamDrifter91 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Is there any restrictions to what animals/creatures can be hunted? 
ClarityWind Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
There are no restrictions at all - however you cannot hunt other people's characters without their permission, and you cannot hunt other Tark'ee.
DreamDrifter91 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Sounds fair. Thank you for clarification on that :) 
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