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All armour is effectively a 'blueprint'. You may choose to optionally design and upload this armour on your Tark'ee import. Armour often holds defensive bonuses, but some may also have penalties.
All armour has a breaking point and will need periodic repairs to keep it in top condition.

Leather Armour - 5x Bone, 15x Pelt or Hide, 5x Scrap Iron
Base Armour Rating of 15. Type of Pelt used to craft may alter this. +10% Armour Rating when worn by Earth Tark'ee.

Iron Armour - 40x Scrap Iron, 10x Bone, 5x Pelt or Hide
Armour Rating of 50. Decreases Dexterity stat by 20%

Bone Armour - 1x Elbeast Antler, 5x Large Skull, 10x Small Skull, 40x Bone, 5x Scrap Iron, 15x Tattered Feathers
Armour Rating of 30. +10% Strength and +15% Defence when worn by Rock Tark'ee.

Elemental Armour - 40x Scrap Iron, 20x Bone, 20x Fish Scales, 5x Mana Stone, 5x Glow Stone, 3x Pelt or Hide
Armour Rating of 30. Increases Intelligence Stat by 20%, increases Dexterity by 20%, increases chance of learning Ability by 10%

Scale Armour - 40x Scrap Iron, 5x Fish Scales, 15x Dragon Scales, 5x Pelt or Hide, 10x Bloodstone
Armour Rating of 70. +10% Defence when worn by Wave Tark'ee. Decreases Dexterity by 10%

Feather Armour - 100x Tattered Feathers, 5x Hide or Pelt, 10x Seal Oil, 5x Floatstone
Armour Rating of 20. Increases Dexterity by 20% (40% if worn by Flight Tark'ee)



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