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is this group active?

Hi :)

The group itself is migrating to merge with Xiunus. So this page will be becoming progressively inactive until the migration is complete. It will be staying as an archive though.

If you are interested in keeping your Tark'ee, I recommend checking out the Discord where there are links available for migrating existing imports and genos.

is it possible to have over 100+ plus of these things?

of course thats not currently a goal of mine for this group becuase i would like to learn more about it tho before i can make that decision  

Tark'ee has a system called "Eyries" and "Nests". These are caps on the number of uploaded Tark'ee (Eyries) and unuploaded genos (or 'eggs', go in the Nest).

You can find more information here; Eyries and Nests

The current cap on uploaded Tark'ee is 80, and current cap on genos is 25. You need to upgrade your Eyrie and Nest though - everyone starts out with a cap of 5 uploaded ad 2 genos. Items are used to expand the limit.

If you plan on having quite a number of Tark'ee, genos and items, we recommend looking into obtaining a Player Tracker.

These are run by group admins and help you keep track of everything.

Hey, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to work out how much XP my Tark'ee are earning for their images.  The XP calculator interface is just...really puzzling to me.  Is there a journal that breaks down how to calculate XP that I can use?  Or some other way to calculate XP manually?
Hi there!
There was a full breakdown in the Level Up Requests journal, however it has since been removed since people tended towards the other way - no one understood it!

But here's a guide I quickly whipped up for you :) I hope it helps!
XP Calculator Guide

I did not include animation or literature, since literature is very straightforward, but animation less so - and you said 'images', not 'animation' :P 
Ah I see! I think I was getting confused because the values spat back at me were a lot higher than I was anticipating...But looking at the breakdown, I'm getting the same results when I calculate manually vs running it through the calculator. Haha.

Thank you!