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Breeding Season Is: OPEN

Current Season: June 1st - July 31st - Cold Season
Next Season: October 1st - November 30th - Harvest Season

Here, you will find more information on breeding your Tark'ee, as well as be able to post your breeding requests.



Post a Breeding Request

Fill in the below form and reply to the link above, then all you need to do is wait for your breeding to be rolled and BAM! Tark'ee babies.
Link to Male x Link to Female
Male Approval: (remove if you are owner)
Female Approval: (remove if you are owner)
Clutch Destiny: (If known, how is the clutch split? Do all go to one player? Who gets first pick? All go to a third party? etc.)
Items/Familiars Used:  (include items you wish to use from your Vault)
Tribute: Required - link to art or literature (not required for Starter breeding)
# of month:  (remember, 5 full is max - but you may partake in 2 splits)
Prevent inbreeding?  (saying 'yes' to this means that the breeding will be aborted if the Tark'ee are related. Admins will check the lineage of the parents)
Other Information:

Give a Breeding Slot Approval

To allow another person to breed with your Tark'ee, give them permission here!

Hatch an Egg

Hatch an egg which is in your Vault.

Tid Bits

o Every user is able to submit a maximum of 5 breedings per month.
o You may participate in 2 splits per month. Regardless of who posts it will use both of your split slot not a full one. You may opt to use one of your full slots in place of a split just say so.
o One request per comment - do NOT have conversations here. If you need to determine who gets what in a split breeding, take it to private messages.

Brief Information

o Both Tark'ee must have completed their Rites of Passage and obtained their Breeding Badge in order to breed.
o A TRIBUTE is required for each breeding. You must have permission to use the submission as Tribute if you didn't do it. Each Tribute submission may be used a maximum of twice. This is an image or 500 word literature of the two Tark'ee together. This cannot be an activity or training art.
o Please check here first! before breeding Tark'ee together. You'll find a list of Tark'ee and their breeding status. The breeding will only go through if the Tark'ee is able to breed and has a spare breeding slot left.
o SLOT PERMISSION is required for breeding Tark'ee which you do not own - the owner of the Tark'ee in question must fill out that form and you need to link to that in your breeding request. If you own both Tark'ee, then this section does not need to be completed.
o ITEMS are optional additions to the breeding - you may apply these items in the relevant section in your breeding request.
o Species of Tark'ee will determine the clutch size range. Wave: 0-4, Earth and Rock: 0-3, Flight and Serpentine: 0-2
o All eggs that hatched will be tracked in your Nest. If your nest becomes full, any and all excess eggs will automatically be donated to the Adoption Center and you will be awarded Silver for this donation.
o There are specific breeding seasons in the Lands of Dondir which the Tark'ee respond to. You cannot breed Tark'ee out of season. A female can only breed once per month and a male can breed twice.


Breeding Information

Breeding is a major part of life for the inhabitants of Dondir, with the selection for specific traits enhancing the performance of all creatures in their roles. Breeders strive to breed the most desirable Tark'ee, be it for their attributes or for their aesthetic, to sell to various riders, trainers and other breeders.
Female Tark'ee are generally weary or hostile towards males when they are in season - however this mood can be dampened by presenting them with Tribute. Females can further be tied over by being presented with an Ivory Fertility Statue - carved by males from the bones, horns and tusks of creatures they have slain. This shows off their strength and reliability as well as their finer skills.  Once a female has accepted the male, they mate and she will lay eggs some time later. These eggs must be taken care of in order for them to hatch.

Choosing What to Breed

Without special items, infertile Tark'ee cannot breed - so these should be out of the question.
The chosen Tark'ee need to have completed their Rights of Passage as a minimum to breed - at this point, they will receive the Breeding Badge on their profile so that you may see this easily.
Dominant markings and mutations on one or more of the parents increase the likelihood of inheritance in the offspring.

Some things to keep in mind:
o Are the Tark'ee related?
Related Tark'ee will cause their offspring to be inbred - this is not  problem if they are related in the last line of their lineage (offspring will not be inbred). However, there may be penalties associated with inbreeding, such as Blindness, Deafness, Infertility, Polypody, and more.
o What sort of progeny are you after?
Breeding Tark'ee with Uncommon or Rare markings or mutations may seem very tempting, however do keep in mind that these have rarities for a reason. Breeding two parents with Rare or Uncommon markings may result in plain Tark'ee with no markings at all! Breeding Plentiful and Common markings and mutations has a much higher chance of passing these on to their progeny, so you will have a more diverse result.
On the other hand, if you're breeding for specific base colours, you may wish to check out the information available regarding the species bases and genes.


Tribute is a REQUIREMENT to the breeding system.  Breeding with a Starter Tark'ee does not require Tribute.
Tribute is a submission which depicts the Tark'ee intending to breed together as a proof that they met somewhere at some point.

Tribute is not an activity. You will not be rolled an Activity Roll for the Tribute, items are not added to your vault, and if the image has been rolled as an Activity, it will not be able to be used as a Tribute.

o Tribute must be a minimum of bust (40% of each Tark'ee, minimum), coloured and simple shaded with a simple background - the Tribute must be clear.
o If you have drawn Tribute for someone else to use, the submission description MUST list that it is alright for that specific user to use that submission as Tribute.
o Each Tribute submission may be used twice. After these two uses, a new Tribute must be submitted for the pair.

Tribute can be used a maximum of twice, but a typical female can only breed once per month. Below outlines how you can use Tribute in a variety of situations.

- 1 Male and 1 Female -
If you have a Tribute with 1 male and 1 female Tark'ee, you may use it to breed them together. However since the female only can breed once in a month, you can only use this Tribute once in that month. You can use it again the next month (if season is still open!).
You may make a separate Tribute to breed the male again, as he has 2 slots per month.

- 1 Male and 2 Females -
In one Tribute, you can depict a male with 2 females. This Tribute can be used twice in one month because the male can breed twice and the females once each.

- 2 Males and 2 Females (2 pairs) -
You can also depict 2 separate breeding pairs (be they male or female) and use the Tribute twice in one month.

Breeding Seasons

NOTE: Starters are exempt from breeding seasons. When a Starter mates with another Starter, they can breed any time of the year.
However if the partner is a player-owned Tark'ee, then that Tark'ee cannot breed outside seasons so you will need to wait.

Tark'ee biologically respond to the seasons which affects many things in their lives, including breeding. In one 'year', Tark'ee go through 3 fertile seasons, and 3 barren seasons.
The fertile seasons are commonly referred to as 'Breeding Seasons'.

Breeding Seasons:
February 1st - March 31st - Warm Season
June 1st - July 31st - Cold Season
October 1st - November 30th - Harvest Season

o Females can breed once per month (max twice per season)
o Males can breed twice per season (max four times per season)
o Breedings are kept track of on the Tark'ee profiles - timestamps on these will determine if a Tark'ee is eligible to breed for that month.


Inheritance of traits, genes, mutations and variations are dependent on their rarity. Some genes display as 'rare' because they are harder to pass down. More 'common' genes are easier to inherit and pass on to offspring at a higher rate. This is species dependent - what may be common in one species might be uncommon in another.
Every breeding is rolled for fertility, based on the parents, and this is an inheritable trait also. Every breeding has a chance to inherit a Random Mutation in the offspring, such as Chromatic or Chimera. Another inheritable trait is stats. You can read up more about these stats here.

Levels and Breeding

Your Tark'ee will progress through the levels, and as they do so, will unlock perks to breeding. Here is a brief rundown of the breeding-specific perks of the different levels.
Level 0 - 0 xp: -must complete RoP to breed. Decent chance of empty nest.
Level 4 - 300 xp: +1 Breeding Slot, Empty nest chance halved
Level 6 - 1000 xp: No empty nest when bred to level 6 or above, +5 Breeding Slots
Level 7 - 1500 xp:  Cross-Deity failure halved, +10 Breeding Slots, **males only** stats no longer halved in progeny inheritance
Level 10 - 4100 xp: No chance of empty nest, removes Cross-Deity Breeding risks (mutations may override)

Species and Breeding

Every Tark'ee aligns to a Deity, following in their teachings and habits with the majority living in environments suited to their Deity.
Offspring born to parents of the same Deity will inherit their loyalty to that Deity.  For example, a pairing with both parents following the Earth Mother will, by default, raise offspring to serve the Earth Mother as well. The Deity they follow and their species are separate, however. You may opt for your Tark'ee to follow a Blessed Tark'ee rather than a Deity, however their species will be given to you on the roll.

Deities will smile upon Tark'ee breeding among their followers, and frown upon those who frolic with Tark'ee who follow a different Deity.
The Deities play a key role in Tark'ee breeding. Deities are beings with emotions, and as such, they fight.

Mate pairings can be rejected by the Deities, and as such, clutches born from hybrid Deities are rare.
Possible pairings and their risk of miscarriage are outlined below.
Flight x Rock - 70% failure rate
Flight x Earth - 40% failure rate
Flight x Wave - 50% failure rate
Rock x Earth - 70% failure rate
Rock x Wave - 60% failure rate
Earth x Wave - 30% failure rate
Serpentine x anything - no Deity Effect in place

Hybrid Tark'ee often suffer from mutations such as infertility and blindness.

Skin by ClarityWind
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Hi there!
There was a full breakdown in the Level Up Requests journal, however it has since been removed since people tended towards the other way - no one understood it!

But here's a guide I quickly whipped up for you :) I hope it helps!
XP Calculator Guide

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Glad the breakdown helped!
You're welcome.
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Sure is!

Under "Import Info Changes"
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