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DarkBlack Theme for GIMP

By tarkan-t29
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Bug with linux, read before installing the theme !!!
The base that I've used with this theme uses clearlooks engine to render the UI, it seems that this engine is not existing anymore on new Gnome 3 based systems, I'm looking forward for a possible fix, if anyone got an idea, it woul be nice to share it with me :) !

Ever wanted a black theme for your preferred image processing software? Now you can enjoy a black and distraction free theme :) !
I've reworked some objects like buttons and tabs and so on, I used a base theme here : thegimp.ca/gimp-2-8-dark-theme…
Then I adapted the graphic elements, I've also used the excellent icons set of this theme : android272.deviantart.com/art/…
And finally this icon pack for the preferences icons : adamwhitcroft.com/batch/

Install Instructions :
Extract the folder and place it in '%Program Files%\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\themes' where %Program Files% stands for the folder where you've installed GIMP, then start GIMP, menu Edition => Preferences => Theme, choose BlackDark, validate and restart GIMP :) !

Hope that you'll enjoy this work.
(I've managed to adapt most of all the icons, but some elements can't just be adapted, I'll try to find some resources for that :) ) .
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Astonishing. Excellent Work. Love it.

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A beautiful theme.  Finally got to install it, as it matches up nicely with my set up.  Excellent work.  Thank you for putting in the effort to make something cool.
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You're very welcome sir !
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Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais le thême est claire et non noire.
Je suis sur Mac OS
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Un souci de compatibilité je présume? Je me rappelle que quelques utilisateurs m'ont rapporté que le thème de base sur lequel je suis parti n'était plus compatible sur certaines versions GIMP et sous les systèmes UNIX..
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Your are the best. Working fine UbuntuStudio 16.04, Gimp from PPA version 2.8.22
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Glad to know it works well! Enjoy!
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I love this theme! Thank you! I am tired of Photoshop so i'm trying out other software.
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Glad you like it! Enjoy :D !
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Excellent, Thanks!
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You're welcome :D
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just flips to top of page when i try to download it
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A problem with the website maybe?
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no problem with installation.  Looks good. Thanks.
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Hello I really like what you have do with my theme. I have even started to implement some of your theme back into my theme. I was wondering what makes the scroll bars blue when you click them?  I have imported your scrollbar.rc and nothing else from your theme that should affect the scroll bars.  I have checked where I change my scroll bars colors and nothing there should make them blue when you click them.  So I looked in the scrollbar.rc file and as fare as I can see nothing in it should make them blue. looked at the images and they are all gray.  So I am confused as to why the scroll bars turn blue when they are clicked.
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Hello, sorry for the very late response :/
To be honest, I really don't know too, I tried to investigate the question, but I can't find what makes such a reaction to occur..
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i think i need help with installation... this looks really nice
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What kind of trouble are you encountering with the installation?
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Love it, looks awesome
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Thank you for this! 
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