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Wilderland Adventures 2.0

Finally gotten around to add the remaining portraits to the roster. Introducing our current party for Cubicle7's Adventures in Middle-Earth, the official 5e based Lord of the Rings tabletop RPG. Rosie's player sadly had to leave the group last year, but River her dog Stone joined us in her stead. And due to popular demand I also drew Lillemann.

We play live on twitch twice per month on tuesdays at 6pm CEST / 12 noon EST over at please come watch :)

From left to right:
  • Lillemann | ♂ | Shetland Pony | Animal Companion
  • Inge, daughter of Ida | ♀ | Dwarf | Wanderer (My character)
  • Stone | ♂ | Irish Wolfhound | Animal Companion
  • The River | ♀ | Woodsman | Herald
  • Robart Thawnton | ♂ | Dúnedain | Wanderer
  • Thonnibaer | ♂ | Beorning | Scholar
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Impress how well you have left, I imagine them for cut-out miniatures for RPG's campaigns but surely have a more ambitious destination.

Good for you.

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 I took one look at that Big Hairy Fellow on the left, thought "Beorning" and am delighted to learn that this was an astute observation rather than Profiling! (please allow me to compliment you on a splendid evocation of Middle-Earth Tari Toon - might one suggest though, that the canine companion above should probably be called a "Woodhound" since Ireland technically doesn't exist at this point in Prehistory).:D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you, and yeah, I guess? What would Shetland Ponies be called tho in Middle-Earth?
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 In this context probably "Hill Ponies" (or perhaps "Isle Ponies" if their origins are to be similar to those of their 'Life Models').:) (Smile)